Affordable Dental Veneers! No Dentist! Brighter Image Lab Smile Designers

of all the things that we do at Brighter Image Lab the thing we’re the most proud of is that we offer people choice
until now if you had a problem with your teeth that meant going to the dentist
and any treatment that you were being offered whether it be bonding implants
veneers they’re all really the same choice industry which led us to ask the
question what about no dentistry it all started with the innovation of our
impression system we learned very quickly that with just the right material
and a dedicated processing system that it would now be possible for our clients
to take an impression of their own teeth and if that was true there’s no longer
any value in going to a dentist and paying to have your impressions made it
was the beginning of a fundamental shift and empowering people to make their own
decisions when it comes to their smile at brighter image lab we’ve always
thought of the smile as being so much more than just the appearance of someone’s
teeth ultimately your smile defines who you are what you do and what you can be
so when we created the removable dental veneer we considered even the tiniest
details from the way each tooth meets perfectly at the gum line to finding the
materials that were strong enough to withstand the average by a 200-pound man and
it’s that level of commitment engineering and design that makes the
removable dental veneer such a fantastic groundbreaking product the
things that we’re doing with 3d design technology are absolutely amazing the
software we use actually allows our designers to feel and manipulate your
smile in virtual space by doing so we can achieve the quality
workmanship of a hand designed piece while maintaining the incredible
accuracy of a digital composition your smile has a deep and lasting effect on
those you meet but our goal is to never make a veneer that’s so outstanding
that it draws attention to your mouth but instead we want to give you a smile
that’s so naturally beautiful that it elevates your entire face and in doing so it
gives you confidence to be yourself it’s not about your smile it’s about who you
are when you’re smiling the number one thing that we hear from clients again
and again I wish I’d done this sooner I wish I hadn’t waited so long so if you
feel like your smile is holding you back and if you’re not ready to spend five, ten
or twenty thousand dollars to fix your teeth you’ve been looking for a real
solution what you really need to know is that now you have a choice

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100 thoughts on “Affordable Dental Veneers! No Dentist! Brighter Image Lab Smile Designers

  1. Hi there,
    I live in Bangladesh,may i order from here. If there any possibility! please let me know the process how can i purchase . I want it.
    please help for more details

  2. I have heard of this company &, their product but, they R 2 expensive N my opinion & I can't afford them. they do seem 2 B a very good product. I have spent thousands of dollars with shity as dentist &, I wish I knew about these alternatives. dentists has broken me 2 the point where I hate all of them, hate is a pretty strong word & is truly beneath me but, I stand by what I said. I do wish I could have found out about veneers b4 spending out thousands of dollars & I had beautiful healthy teeth & gums. my gums R still beautiful & healthy but my teeth R messed up & now I have no more smile & without your smile U have no personality any longer, at least this is the case with me so, I advise anybody b4 going 2 the dentist check out these websites & share them with your family, friends, & love ones. I wish someone had shared this with me !!

  3. U R right 4 giving people this advice if they want their questions answered. I can imagine the same questions get pretty boring. their website tells all & answers all. there is even a phone number & website address there. the company explains everything. the phone # is 1 800-257-2455 &, International I think the # is 001-817-310-8935 don't quote me but, I do think this is the international number. I hope this info. will help & 4 people who speak foreign languages 2 understand my reading, I can't help U there bs, I only know english (sorry) !!

  4. Meu Deus é divino parabéns, eu preciso tanto de uma assim linda e prática, o nosso Brasil tem milhões de pessoa tem tanta necessidade vamos realizar o sonhos de tantos brasileiro, é tanto profissional nota 10 mas o nosso povo com a boca doente

  5. parece muy interesante e incluso es algo bueno como para salir del apuro hast cundo se vaya al dentista..como hago para obtener una o dos de estas protesis..por favor hagame llegar la informacion

  6. Was wondering if these work with broken and missing teeth also? I have a severe vitamin and mineral disorder and have lost several teeth over the past year. Currently wearing a thin veneer overlay that’s attached to the front of top teeth by wax but they’re very uncomfortable, make my mouth severally dry, and only made for the top plate. Can’t eat in them at all. They were only $60 also lol. Don’t have dental insurance but saving to have all surgically removed and dentures but looking for something to get me through until I can save $8500. Is this an option for me, especially since I continue to lose more pieces of tooth, if not the whole tooth? They’re rotting at a rapid pace. Thanks!

  7. The website you mentioned below is not the one in the video Deborah. The right link is

  8. Hi BIL, I like your video, comes across as professional, your product looks to be well made. Thanks for sharing, by the way I'm a dental tech so I can appreciate the level of work involved, best wishes from Europe.

  9. how i can get ?? im here in the philippines .. pls message me i need this because always bullyng me about my teeth 🙁

  10. Peu t on se faire poser cela quand ils nous manques plusieurs dents car je suis diabétique et mes dents se dechause merci pour votre réponse

  11. Salve mi piacerebbe acquistarli,ma vorrei sapere se la fascia dentale e sopra e sotto oppure solo quella di sopra,aspetto una vostra risposta cordiali saluti.

  12. Hey every body there, pls your testimoni abt this product. Im from indonesia, its so far from US. Pls tell me your experience after using this product. Thanks

  13. I been low self esteem for 6 years some how 1 my front teeth pushed a little forward now I have a gap between my teeth i can't smile know more i can't smile when i take a picture with my kids and worse i will not look my self in the mirror no more😔 every dentist I go to say not yet😔I even want to pay private 😖 now all I do is cry and pray to God to help me or fix it😔am ugly..when you look at a person it not there eyes but the teeth 😔

    To anyone watching this presentation video regarding Brighter Image Veneers and start off w/ a slew of questions about pricing, where are the company headquarters located, and whether they could get these dental veneers processed + shipped INTERNATIONALLY , simply do just one thing to get an answer to your questions:

    Look BELOW the video please – you will see a brief video description and then you will see SHOW MORE ( capitalized ) directly underneath the video description . CLICK on that SHOW MORE text – dont be afraid, you will NOT be blowing up Youtube people!!!
    Once you CLICK on that SHOW MORE text – all of the information you require as to whether this product is available in your part of the world will be listed once you scroll down to the list of countries.

    As far as PRICING goes, as well as EVERY other question you may have – please use your FINGERS to simply CLICK on Brighter Image Labs WEBSITE LINK here –>>> @ and go directly to their site for every additional Q&A you may have. They truly do answer ALL of the questions you have – and make sure to check out their FAQ page as well.
    Its really all that SIMPLE !

  15. Ни как не могу получить ответ где же можно купить или заказать???

  16. Saludos desde Puerto Rico. Necesito información en español. Necesito ese producto si realmente funciona.. gracias

  17. Hola soy de chile y como devo aserlo para conseguirlos por favor responder gracias y que se deve de aser para aser el modelo justo .
    Gracias esperare la respuesta y como se deve de aser la encomienda .

  18. Yo tamboen quiero soy de Peru Trujillo necesito esos implantes pero debo de curarme algunas dentaduras y dejarlas ok y despues ponerme estas sobredentaduras.y vomo las consigo

  19. why only the rich can smile? in my country the poor can't afford good dental service if a tooth is lost it is missing the tooth

  20. Thanks for your video i have a problem with my theeth and can't afford to get them fix and i lost a few of them because i have a gum disease and I don't have medical


  22. Look ive asked yawl where in georgia can i go to help my woman please she has no teath in front and she sure would love to bight down in to a stake .please let us no where to go in georgia. Close to lawrenceville ga or braselintion ga

  23. Я купила паказывают харошие а отправляют мусор вообще не понятное вещи мне жалко эти деньги уних нет совести

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