A Sci-Fi photography lighting fashion shoot – Karl Taylor Photography for Hasselblad Photokina show

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100 thoughts on “A Sci-Fi photography lighting fashion shoot – Karl Taylor Photography for Hasselblad Photokina show

  1. Wow Karl ! Your work is always about pushing the boundaries and so inspiring. Thank you for posting this type of behind the scene videos. Love it!

  2. My God, So Inspirational, Where do you get the lighting ideas, I know its from your own mind but how do they come?

  3. Can someone tell me what kind of fluorescent tubes are being used, she's touching them so i doubt they are normal one's:)

  4. I loved it Karl.. Excellent work! I'm going to keep shooting and hopefully one day I'll be able to get images like that. Keep up the awesome work!

  5. Great work, Carl.
    Looking to see what you're going to do with the 200c for still subjects (6-shot mode).

    BTW, Loved the shot with the fluorescent light painting.

  6. flipping awesome! This makes me want to become more creative with my shoot. so inspirational, thanks for sharing.

  7. these videos are really inspirational, make me wanna go out and shoot tons and tons of pictures..i really hope to do this as a job one day (even if it's hard to be a photographer in italy :S)..can't wait for next videos!

  8. Beautiful images, This is why I love photography, you can be as creative as you want to be….Karls' images make you just stare at them because they are so flawless

  9. hate the way you make it look so easy really like your work . one day i will creat a picture worthy of your attention

  10. Hi Karl! You truly are an inspiration to many of us. Thank you so much for sharing this video. I hope Hasselblad like your work as much as we do. 🙂

  11. Absolutely stunning shoot! As an aspiring fashion photographer, I find this video so inspirational. I don't usually appreciate these futuristic themes however this one has been handled particularly well! Every time I see a new upload from Karl Taylor I get very excited as I know they're both very informative and entertaining to watch! Nice one again Karl!

  12. Karl excellent work! I've been wanting to try a sci-fi futuristic shoot but I've been afraid it could end up as a total disaster lol. Impressive work I really liked your lightning… some shots reminded me a little bit to Tron 🙂

  13. Such an awesome shoot and video! Thanks for sharing your amazing talent Karl! I'd love to have some behind the scenes info on how you built the sets. What was the red material?  How did you make the fluorescent wands?

  14. Love your work Karl!, i'm going to a Hasselblad/Broncolor workshop in september!, looking forward to using the H5D-50c and CFV-50c!!

  15. Beautiful shots, they remind me of some science fiction movies of the sixties-seventies, "Logan's run" especially.
    Karina is really "carina" XD, it means cute in italian.

  16. awesome, great job!

    just curious, where did you find the portable fluorescent lights? I've had an idea like that for a while, but can't seem to find any..

  17. Wow!!!  Amazing!!!!   How did you do with the shot in 2:09?    Is it like this?

    1.  Long exposure with rear sync using ND filter  (how many seconds and what aperture?)
    2.  Someone walks around the model with the light tube
    3.  You remove ND filter before end of exposure
    4.  Flash triggers right before the end of the exposure?

    Love your work!!!!  Your free and paid videos are making me a better photographer!!  THANKS!!

  18. @Karl Taylor  I'm desperately looking to put my hands on light tubes like that ! Are these neon lights with a bit of DIY?  Any chance to get a tutorial on how to make them? Stunning work as always by the way 🙂 

  19. That's very cool! I wanted to see the final photos of Karina on the orange plexi glass laying on the floor. Didn't see that at the end. Very cool!

  20. really great, there's not much else to say. congratulations!
    ps: I like a lot that long exposure with the tubes floating around!

  21. Do you know Karl,I love Cameras & Photography.Ive watched all your videos and actually look forward to new ones more so than any TV Show.Yeah I also see other Photographers on youtube,some entertaining for sure! They speak as experts,however I have to say,your the only one who actually really does "Produce The Goods".I have watched this video loads of times.You really do produce images that drop my jaw,no wonder they chose you to do this shoot.Thanks Karl for doing these videos,it really does help inspire us mere mortals who are struggling,your enthusiasm is infectious,thanks again for this great channel.

  22. hii sir,
    can i get the full video of this project with lighting&camera as well as light setting details..???
    Waiting for ur reply..!!!

  23. What kind of lights are those? Sir I have been studying your work and I would like to know. Thanks a bunch; all the best! J.

  24. Excellent photos, these styles are fit for any desert planet Cantina or deep space station. 🙂 HUGE Like for the Hasselblad Space Camera!!

  25. Amazing work by everyone. Would of loved to assist on something like this. Thank you for sharing.

  26. I've just very recently discovered your tutorial videos, and your impressive work. Thanks a lot for sharing all these tips and How To tutorials, they are very useful and inspiring.
    This sci-fi themed shoot is gorgeous, congrats to the whole team!
    I have seen a few photos with fluorescent tubes around, but never found out how those portable, apparently fixture-free (or at least very slim), lights were done. Did you buy them somewhere or is it DIY?

  27. Wow! Congrats Karl! You are a really great photographer, and you make all jobs a new challenges for your overcoming! it is being amazing see your videos! thanks a lot!

  28. Thank you so much for the video! Amazing! I sing in the sci-fi metal band Sunwalter and I am inspired by sci-fi fashion so much! All you did was very beautiful!

  29. Really is very good work.
    Amazing thing is show a photography life.
    I'm want photography but not good teaching & advanced photo shoot learn.

    … your YouTube see all videos full help my photo shoot.
    Thanks you Dear sir.

    God is life.

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