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  1. Hey everyone,
    If you're confused by the name change, please read this: https://www.reddit.com/r/NightmareExpo/comments/9p1q2l/faqs_about_the_nexpo_rebrand/?st=JNDOYIKP&sh=489ac01f

    Nothing's going away. I'm just opening up the floor to new video-essay topics 🙂

    ALSO, if you’re interested, a few good friends started a fan podcast about the channel if you’d like some additional listening material: https://youtu.be/V4pIj1qxI64

  2. Honestly nexpo,I heavily enjoy your content
    Especially odd content like this,It gives me the chills because my mind cannot grasp a possible explanation.And when that happens i find myself wrapped up in a tangle of thoughts usually obsessing over the unexplained.But I usually forget all this because of your calm and collected voice.Thank you.

  3. sleap walking doesnt work like that u dumb dumb
    1 thing is happening
    hackers want them to leave the house soo they fuck with them soo they can turn the house into a drug house

  4. See there is another possibility. Someone is taking those pictures and has hacked the motion sensor to make it SEEM like the photos are coming from the sensor. That's the only thing I can think of assuming it's real.

  5. I dont know a lot of "Redditors" that go out to bars with there IRL female friends. If that was the case then he would be trying to get laid not post on fucking Reddit for fake internet points lol I call BS

  6. occam's razor: either it's a hoax OR the motion triggered updates of 'their bedroom' they were receiving was actually a bug in the software and they were getting shots of someone ELSE's camera (another user using the same brand camera, so their accounts were crossed).

  7. I just love watching these videos late at night. In a cabin surrounded by woods. With doors that can be unlocked with a debit card.

  8. At 8:15 you can actually just barely make out a person's face and hands under the cover in the 2nd photo. I definitely would not be staying home alone after catching something like that!

  9. At the end of the day, it makes for an entertaining story online and the OP knows whether or not it was real, so maybe it should stay that way.

  10. So here's my explanation… You take a 📷 like this get the footage you want and play that in front of the CCTV camera , which makes it look like it's moving. And that covers the staying powered and stay on wifi , while appearing to be moving

  11. Wait im confused on this story. This is all bc his cameras face different parts of the room when he doesnt put them that way?

  12. Also some of the motion detects happened while they were awake and sometimes away from home soo I doubt it'd be sleepwalking

  13. if someone was fucking with him couldnt they just turn the power off, which would get around the motion alerts entirely?

  14. The thing that confuses me the most is the part where the camera is seemingly traveling through the woods. It would take one long extension cord to accomplish this, even if the owner was sleepwalking. I think it is most likely that this story is fabricated for scare factor and the creator just got tired of it and didn't feel like coming up with a good ending.

  15. It could have been messing up and he might have been getting alerts from someone else’s but idk it had a picture of the cat and it said it was their bed???

  16. I’m confused af what was the issue with the cameras they were taking pics of the inside of his house or like wtf??

  17. I honestly think that somebody got into the house took pictures and printed them out to hold them in front of the camera( probably with the help of a friend)

  18. I'm thinking hoax. Throughout all of this, he couldn't borrow or purchase video surveillance instead of just still shots? Further, you're convinced that someone (or something) is coming into your room and taking pictures of you while you sleep, yet you continue to sleep there… alone? Throughout all of this, you're best idea is to just sell the cameras and move on with your life? Idk. I just feel like if there were any truth to this, there would be at least a little more effort going into the investigation. Video cameras, baby powder/flour on the floor, motion sensor alarms, additional cameras in general, trying to set alarms or staying up to catch the phenomenon in person, I mean, anything more than just two low quality cameras that only capture still images.

  19. me(before watching this video): i want a security camera, it'd be cool!
    *gets recommended this video
    me(after video): f*ck u security cameras i dont want u anymore

  20. Ok how could he be sleep walking when they were gone and still had pictures from the camera and played games and saw a picture in their bedroom

  21. 13:46 soooo i dont think it was ever mentioned whos holding the camera .. thats an arm bruh and clear as day is the sleeve

  22. At 9:35: I'm officially gunna guess signals got crossed and stream was of another camera.. maybe the bed part was a hoax to make believable

  23. (if it's set by default) maybe bug from the app will explain alot. If we consider the fact that he is checking his phone often at night maybe the phone camera is firing a motion alert and sending it to himself… Tho it's just a theory

  24. Somebody hack into his cameras IP disconnect them from the network, took the pics with a similar camera, got out of there , reconnect the house cameras to the network …and finally send the pics. Simple. Now that have more logic. Could be himself just to get some attention on the platform.

  25. What would also disprove sleepwalking is the fact that the weird photos were also shot while the writer was away sleeping at a friends house and out with friends at night.

  26. I'm questioning the hoax theory, only because people create hoaxes in hopes of gathering a higher level of fame and attention. Not only did he say he would probably delete the thread if it got too big, having to end it the way he did made that statement believable. Thus, he didn't want to continue the attention he was getting so, he left it at that. Either that or this guy just got too lazy to come up with more updates on the story. He could've also just ended it, fearing the story would become too dull or something. However, that's pretty steep considering how anticlimactic the ending of it all was. He also mentions that the spider web on the camera remained untouched, even after all the movement. So, how would that be possible if he would be sleepwalking, or someone is living in his house that he's not aware of?? Then again, this leads me to believe there were more cameras involved than the ones he mentioned. Hmm… this doesn't make sense to me… nonetheless, I enjoyed this story.

  27. Looking at the guy's reddit he's a deranged Trump supporter who often will whine about weird right wing nonsense on top of writing obviously lying posts about how he's haunted…soo…yeah.

  28. it almost looks like the last shown entry was a photo of FlexGunship in their bed… you can see what looks like an arm!

  29. Not sure how sleepwalking explains the pictures he got while at the bar with a friend. All that aside, its fake as fuck.

  30. But couldn’t it be a battery operated camera and I know with ring you can have a lot of cameras to one account how do you know they don’t have a third or fourth camera they’re playing with that’s battery operated like the best way I can explain it is they have two “ free “ cameras and the “ motion alerts “ are just them taking screenshots for the story

  31. This is fake. If he was having problems he should have set up a permanent camera that recorded everything. He had a computer to hook it up to, and already had the cameras.

  32. I think she set up the new cameras while sitting on her bed accidentally filled the internal HD with pictures of her room and is now using some incompatible software on a third party app thats messing up every time she takes manual shots and its showing her the pictures she accidentally took herself. Or this is the start of a horror arg and after a while we'll get footage of a creepy clown at the patio window

  33. Wireless "CCTV" cameras.. lol So NOT secure, ANYONE can hack them .. (I work for a CCTV security company, I actually know what im talking about)

  34. People on reddit are so fucking insane trapped inside of a bubble of their own ignorance, that they will go to extreme limits just for some Karma points. If the camera is set to record… THEN WHY CAN’T YOU SEE WHEN IT WAS MOVED?

  35. I've always thought that there was someone living in my grandpa's roof because there's an opening in the house and if you pulled that down there would be a attic of course it could just be only an attic but I hear footsteps at night

  36. A couple of other people also mentioned this, but it might be possible that the cameras never moved in the first place. The feed might have been hacked and sent to another camera that the stalker might have been carrying on them. This could easily set off the motion alert if motion is detected trough camera feed and not a seperate sensor. Stalker was probably either a smart criminal trying to scope out the house without even entering or a nosy neighbor who has issues regarding personal space.

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