A Photographer’s Mission to Capture a New Image of Africa

(uplifting music) – [Mutua] I think people are affected by the images they see. Most of the time that you
see images coming from Kenya, specifically, in most of Africa,
it will be war, disease, AIDS, famine, something like that. While that is true,
there’s still a lot more coming out of the continent
that is uplifting, that is positive, that is encouraging. My mission is to change
our own perceptions of what Africa is supposed to be. (uplifting music) My name is Mutua Metheka,
and I’m a photographer. I got into photography by accident. A friend of mine showed
me something on a website, and I was like, I probably can do this, so I decided to try it out. (light uplifting music) Originally, my mission was
to, you know, educate the West on what Africa is like. And I realized, it doesn’t matter what other people think, if
we still think of ourselves as backward or not worthy. So, my mission changed
to trying to get people who have grown up in
African cities to learn to see Africa differently. If I can keep shooting
what I want people to see, then I believe over time
this changes what people think of themselves. (upbeat music) I have recently just
completed a project where rock climbing communication masts from all over the country. The aim was to explore different views from this new perspective. (uplifting music) I can almost guarantee that
no photographer in Africa or in Kenya has photographed
from the heights that I photographed from. So it was a unique opportunity and a very rare chance for me. (uplifting music) We traveled about seven/eight days, climbed seven masts in total, some going as high as 100 meters. It was hard climbing,
but you get to the top, and you see the view that awaits you, and it’s like another world. (uplifting music) It was beautiful being up there. (uplifting music) Photography has a unique way of being able to change perceptions just
by seeing something different over and over and over. (uplifting music) All of these things are
connected to the value that you place on the
place that you live in. I think if we see that
what we have is really beautiful and worth protecting, then we put a lot more
effort into protecting it for ourselves and for the future. (uplifting music)

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