8 Creepiest “When You See It” Pictures Ever

You know those pictures. Those pictures where they ask you to see certain stuff. But you don’t see it at all. So you go to the comment section
to find out what you should see. And when you AAAAHHHH!!! AAAaaHHh OH! Oh! Oh… I saw it. And I need to change my pants. So if you would … Excuse me, I’m just … Alright So it’s my turn. Dr. Dre, if you would do the honours and kick this countdown off. Alright, alright, what do we have here? Two beautifull ladies with a facial mask on And what do you see? What do you AAAHH! There it is! Under the desk! Mucho Scario. Looks like a virgin brother spying on his best friends sister, to get some action, and, he has smeared himself with facial mask in order to blend in. I don’t know. Round two, round two, what do we have here? Another mamacita with a beautifull peace sign! I see she is in a christmas mood, and her eyes are lining up as well NO, NO! NO! No! Do not look under the matress! Are you fucking insane? Why would you do that? What kind of eye concealer are you wearing? It looks beautifull! And it also looks like Satan is comming out of your matress, and, that is just a Nooo … NEXT! Asian Percussion, or should I say Asian Cremation? Because that girl standing in between those two asian little girls, she looks kinda baked. And not the good kind, if you know what I’m saying. You know, the scariest part of this picture is that guy. He has the kind of look on his face, that if he doesn’t take a picture with his baby sister, his parents are going to beat him up! I feel sorry for that dude. All bruised after this picture. And it was such a sunny day … Oh well … Obese, Obamster, Obaminator, is bringing people together dead and alive, just look at that ghost chilling in the right side of the picture. Wauw. Doing pretty good in the after life as well! Bet you are going to Heaven, Obama. Bet you’re going to Heaven. Oh … Wait … Ahh, what do we have here, a creepy room, a dead child poking out his head out of the left door, and another child standing vaguely at the other opening Bet you didn’t see that, but look closely, you see his red eye. NEXT! Fucking scaryass picture. Well, they say all beautifull women comes from hell, and you shouldn’t trust them, and this is just the proof. You can see a beautifull picture of her dad on the bottom left corner, where he is gently smiling at the lady, as she is gazing into the camera with a look that says: I am going to eat you up. No, literally. I am going to cut your legs off, put the on a barbeque, and then eat them up with my dad, right after I’ve given your soul, which you can sell at the soul bargain sale, right back in Hell. Will you still marry me? Hey look! Chris Brown! When you made your Über wait too long, but you still had to hitch your ride anyway. When you’re about to die, but you’re a positive person. How does my boyfriend react when I say I am off my period. Photobombing 101 Her eyes are kind of crooked. What? It is called when you seeeeee it. And I see that! I guess that man in the window is trying to tell those ladies, that one bottle of soap is not enough to wash their beautifull bodies It’s just, too little. What a kind man. Ah. Last time you heard me, I was looking for your subs, because I want to give you more. Weah! Ah. Last time I heard you, you were looking for a channel that gave you that good. Uuuh. Yeah. Stuck in your reality. your perception is deceiving this gravity. Of what matters Not talking Marshall Mathers. But Marshall was here he’d actually tell you what matters. Uh. I hit you unexpected I never was suspected For raining down illness, I guess I’m so infested In this channel that I have to give a piece of me Looking different at the world, my reality, I’m rotated If you a shepperd, not a part of the herd, then you rotated. I’m rotated.

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97 thoughts on “8 Creepiest “When You See It” Pictures Ever

  1. The comedy was not all bad .. the photos were good, they are just not a good combo, trying to laugh and be scared at the same time is like trying to sleep on the tredmill, it doesn't quite work

  2. Unfortunate distracting commentary combined with stale content. Nothing new here but the introduction of annoyance to things that were intriguing years ago. Sorry.

  3. Come on dude!? That is real shittie pictures…stop making yourself some fake famous stupid idiot with something unsignificant like that!

  4. Wow. The douche bag community must be so proud of you, the narrator. Douche baggery gone viral. Keep your day job (at burger king). You are talentless.

  5. At 1 minute and 52 seconds I turned this crap off. You sound annoying and your commentary especially annoying. Only people with one quarter of a brain would find this entertaining and would look for more like it. That is all = )

  6. This is a really dumb video. The first bad video I've seen on this channel. Leave the jokes for someone who is actually funny.

  7. You just have to find a good combination to make a reasonably good video. And this one here is the abomination of your experiment. I hope you actually learned from this and never do this again in the future.

  8. 2:24 i explooooooded😅😅😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😊🤣😂🤣😁🤣😂🤣😂🤣😊🤣

  9. Misleading title..!!!
    Not what i expected, creepiest..?? I was hoping to see those 8 creepiest pics after this nincompoop shut up , I guess the annoying chatterbox idiotically edited them out as the one's here aren't at all!!!!
    '8 Creepiest "When You See It" Pictures Ever ' more like 'never' !!!

  10. @2:22 as ur talking about the mystery image behide the 🚪 in front (or the🚪2the right 🖐)again, when enlarged i can 👀clearly
    1)@the bottom of 🚪 a lil boy standing next to just the top side🛀 & the boy's bottomless.
    2) @2:23 behind where the cut out boys head that was added into video saying 'Hello mum f**ker!i can see what looks like a boy+older man holding a knife(?the shiny Object held up 2boys throat?) Bc the boy next to him i can see red colour on boys neck frm injury ? Mb incident b4 death replays… mb?

  11. I get a kick out of y'all getting a kick out of yourself. Dude, you're not that good. But… you're a little funny … funny Ha-Ha if you know what I mean. I can't say the rest of it in public because it's not politically correct.

  12. You will shit brix😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😄😂😄😂😄😂😄😂😄😂😄😂😂😄

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