29 thoughts on “7 Bronica SQ-Ai Shooting Tips

  1. Great video, many thanks for the tips. I recently got a Bronica SQ-A and so I'm always interested in learning more about it. I have a Zenzanon S 150mm and it DOES have the time exposure switch. I need to look out for a prism. I have one for my Mamiya 645 and I agree it's a useful viewfinder for certain compositions. I do prefer the WLF when possible though. Love your videos, keep up the great work!

  2. If you find the Bronica in mirror lock-up, flick the multiple exposure switch. If you then take the picture with your lens cap on and rewind, you're still in the same frame! Another thing you can do is just to take the back off. Hope this helps

  3. The T mode on the lens is what you use on the sq-a version as a bulb. It is the same on the etrs and etrsi. The mirror lock up has s and c. S means that the mirror will return in the normal position after re-cocking the shutter and c means that the mirror will stay up after re-cocking the shutter. You don't have to waste a shot. Simply take the photo with the lens cap on the lens. Then take the back off and re-cock the shutter. This is how it works on my Hasselblad, but sure it should work in a similar way on your Bronica. Hope this helps?

  4. Well I'll be damned. I've been shooting a pair of SQ-A bodies with I think 8 different lenses for three years now and not once did I ever notice a DOF switch on the lenses. Nifty and useful. Thanks for pointing that out. Great videos.

  5. Great video and tips! I just bought SQ-Ai a few weeks ago and it's been a blast taking photos with it. I haven't experimented yet with long exposures so explanations about the A vs. T mode switch on the lense and mirror modes were very useful information. 👍

  6. Thanks, yes I learned something new. I have one but I have not devoted much time to it. Please, if you could show more about its use and the filters, I would like it. Where you process the films? At home or in the laboratory.

  7. I shoot with the Bronica GS-1. This camera is really great to shoot with… it takes 6×7, 6×6, and 645 backs giving me three cameras in one… Plus the eye level prism is metered.

    I don’t like Lee or Cokin filters.. because the filters are a plastic resin. Why shoot with good glass and then put a plastic filter in front of it…..

    B+W (Schneider) have great round glass filters for a good price. You can find them used on Ebay too for about $15-30 each. Schneider also make great square glass filters but they are very expensive. An alternative is a company called Haida that also make very good square glass filters for a really good price.. around $80-100 each.. I use Schneider B+W and Haida…Glass filters are the way to go.

  8. Very useful. Today I was looking to that T mode switch in my lenses and wondering what’s it for… here is the answer! Recently I bought a SQ-AI and your videos have been very helpful. The results on your IG page are awesome 👌🏻

  9. very cool example for the use of the orange filter. 😀 will this also work partly with a colored film?

  10. i really like how all bronica cameras act more or less the same. i could transfer many of your tips to my bronica gs 1 without any problems

  11. Hi, just bought a Bronica SQ-A and just wondering when I put the prism viewfinder on the camera, it only does 1 speed. But when I'm not using the prism viewfinder the shutter speed works fine. Does the prism viewfinder have some kind of connection to the camera?

  12. Hey I’m so glad I found your YouTube channel; it has inspired me so much. I have ordered my Bronica ETRSi and can’t wait to get out shooting. Thanks for the great content

  13. Hi! Nice video! I’ve got the same camera, I bought it 6 years ago. I also use red or orange filters on my photos, but my lens cap does not close properly if the filter is screwed to the lens. Have you got the same problem? Did you solve it somehow? Thanks and keep uploading your videos, I find them very inspiring!

  14. Thank you for your video.I am considering returning back to film photography and thinking getting 6×6 Bronica. About mirror lock problem you mentioned, did you try taking out the battery for few seconds? Sometimes I had similar problem with my Nikon and disconnecting battery correct the problem.

  15. On mine, if the mirror gets stuck up, I remove the back, wind the film, fire the shutter, switch back to N, and replace the back.

  16. for the mirror lockup issue could you just put the camera in double exposure mode then cover the lens with the cap and take the shot then wind on and take it out of double exposure setting so basically the film didn't move at all and you don't waste the shot?

  17. You can also take the film back off, drop the mirror, reset, then put the film back on. That's gonna let you drop the mirror back down without wasting a shot.

  18. If your mirror is locked, than just remove filmback (maybe change to empty filmback) , turn off mirror lock and put back filmback with film you are shooting at

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