Jordy here for cinecom.net where we share
creative filmmaking and editing tricks. And today we’ll have a look at
five camera tricks that are so simple, you don’t need anything else
but your camera. And the first trick is a super fast way
to add an instant transition. When you feel like just something
has happened in your shot and you need to cut
to a new angle, well, you can just quickly wave
your hand in front of your lens. Make sure to be close
to your lens, though. Then in your second shot, simply
do that same wave again, from the same direction. Now in post-production, you
simply align the two shots and that’s all it takes to get a creative
transition between two shots. We’ve got four more awesome
tricks coming, but first up we would like to thank Videoblocks
for sponsoring today’s episode. Videoblocks is a huge library full of
stock clips, visual animations, effects and more. They charge a one-time
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download the entire library of more than 120,000
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in the description below. The second camera trick is all about
a shallow depth of field. Open your aperture, zoom in
and film something close by. The idea is to move away from
the subject that you’re filming and reversing that
in post-production. To make it look natural, it’s important
that you start your move gently. Try to think that you’re moving
in reverse, that might help. You now have a very nice flow towards
your subject, that is spot on in focus. The third camera trick! And for this one
you wanna put your ISO at automatic. We’re going to play with
the shutter speed, so… …you wanna make sure that the ISO will
keep your exposure correct at all time. And the idea is to start at a normal shutter
speed of 1/50 or even a little faster. While you’re filming you quickly
wanna change your shutter speed to something at around 1/6 of a second, doesn’t really matter. You just need to introduce
a very blurry image. When using this at a certain action,
like here where Yannick is turning around, you emphasize that. Then, as he turns back, you could dial
your shutter speed to normal again. And the fourth trick is actually something
we’ve already covered on this channel, which is a dolly zoom effect. In a previous video we explained how
to achieve this in post-production, but the main idea comes
from a camera trick. What you wanna do is push your
camera forwards or backwards. And while doing this, you also turn
the zoom ring on your lens and try to keep the same
framing of your subject. If you have some distance
behind your subject, you can see that the background
will compress or decompress depending on your movement. The final camera trick is again
a very simple transition, but an awesome result. For this you wanna use
the strap of your camera. Position yourself somewhere high,
like in a tree or something. Try to film steady and at a certain
moment, just drop your camera. Of course make sure it’s attached
securely to the strap. And then in your second shot,
you wanna do the exact same thing, but start your shot with
the fall of the camera and then go to a steady shot
as fast as you can. And now it seems like your camera
has fallen from a big height. Do you know about any
other cool camera trick? Well, then let us know
in the comments below. Thank you all so much
for watching and stay creative! -I hate clee…Tree! -I hate clee trimbing, hahaha. -“Clee trimbing”. -I hate “clee trimbing”, haha… -Ok. Let’s pretend that I’m
on a tree right now. Just film from below.

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83 thoughts on “5 Super EASY CAMERA TRICKS

  1. Jordy I'm sure you get this a lot and maybe you already made a video on this if so ignore this comment but I am completely lost trying to find lenses to buy for filmmaking on a dslr that I can afford

  2. Hey jordy, I am a younger filmmaker with a YouTube channel that teaches filmmaking for beginners and reviews new gear like the hero 6, I'm trying to start a series of interviewing other YouTube filmmakers, would you be interested?

  3. Tomorrow will be my first travel video shoot.. Etc.. Etc..
    As you uploaded in time.. I will surely use these tricks tomorrow.. 😊

  4. I like the second tip! It has happened several times before when i am going to focus on something, but i miss and the focus is not on that thing πŸ™ Great tip!!!

  5. hey guys, im looking for a video camera to record some rap footage, what do you think i can get for like 150$? from ebay or something

  6. This is fantastic for many reasons, but for me the best thing is that you go through these FAST. Not like some videos where they spend 15 minutes explaining why they love filming and cameras and their favourite cameras. You guys go through it fast and clearly so I know what to do immediately upon watching it. Great stuff guys!

  7. when i first stumbled on this page i was like psssh who is this guy…now im so addicted to learning what you have to teach. thanks for all the lessons

  8. Can you do that object do not change only background will change with same movements of object

  9. Hey- I'm getting the new Sony A7III (It's back-ordered, ships in 10 days) I ordered the 24-70mm Lens (f4) but now I'm thinking I could switch it to a 16-35mm lens (f4) before it ships. I will be using it for all kinds of filmmaking– from vloggy talking head stuff to epic action fight scenes. Thoughts?

  10. I really want to learn all of these things but the problem is I don't have a camera and my laptop has been broken 😒 I wish I could buy my own film equipments someday

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