5 Simple & Unusual Hacks To Improve Your Photography Life

Hi my name is Robin Wong and I want to
share five unusual hacks to improve your photography life. These are just some
random tips that I have accumulated over the years that I do personally practice
in my everyday photography that I found very useful and I surely hope that
they’ll benefit you as well. Tip number one – carry your SD card in your wallet.
Your wallet is an item that you carry with you everywhere you go to every day.
It is an essential item so if you somehow can store your SD card in your
wallet you will never forget your SD card ever again. No matter how prepared
you think we are, no matter how meticulously you plan, one day it will
still happen to even the best of us, I have experienced it before, yes
forgetting to bring the SD card or memory cards out to a shoot! I have here
just a normal wallet, it is a square leather design. I got this from a local
departmental store, there is nothing special about this wallet, but if you
look closely there are two slots for SD card storage so you can actually put
your SD card here, a spare one just in case you forgot to bring your main SD
cards. I personally place a high-speed 64
gigabytes SD card just in case something happens I still have pretty much enough
to cover a normal shoot. Probably a half-day job and it sits securely in and
once you close the wallet it does not move around and it is perfectly safe. I
have learned this from a high school counselor that it is not about how to
prevent yourself from forgetting something, you will forget it sometimes
it just happens so it is more about how or what do you do to prepare yourself in
such situation. What kind of effort do you put just in case you forget to bring
the SD card? So by slotting a spare 64GB in a
wallet which you carry every day with you in that unfortunate incident that
you didn’t bring all your other SD cards you still have a fully functional SD
card for you to continue your shoot. Tip number 2 – use table or chair socks. I got
here colorful socks for table and chair legs and these I bought from Daiso. I got
2 pairs for about RM5.90. it is really cheap and the cool thing is it is
just about the right size to fit the battery for my Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II and is this in perfectly the good thing about this is it prevents the
battery from scratching any other items in the camera bag just in case it slips
out of place and not only that if the battery itself is empty and I take it
out from the camera to replace one I can then reverse the socks so that when I
put a battery inside this particular sock. I know that this battery is empty
and I will not mistakenly place this into the camera when I am changing
batteries the next time. This is very useful for those who actually manage
multiple batteries in a camera bag. Tip number three – carry around a macro
converter. Not everyone wants to get serious about macro photography
therefore buying a dedicated macro lens is perhaps out of the question
however that does not mean that we can deprive ourselves from shooting close up
or a little bit of macro so a simple solution is to get a macro converter.
This is the Raynox DCR-250 and I got this for just about RM300. There are many options of macro
converters out there make sure that the quality is good and make sure that the
filter thread fits on to your lens. Tip number four – bring a portable LED light. I
have here a simple LED ring light it is powered by batteries and it is actually
quite powerful for something so small. You don’t really need to get a ring
light it can be any LED light as long as it is powerful enough and you can use it
to light your subjects. it helps to boost the light when the ambient light is low
and not only that you can also use the LED light creatively by adding drama to
your shot so by having some backlit situation onto this Lego figure. I can
create a low-key effect and you can see the rim light all over the figure. Tip
number five – print out a photo book and show your photographs in print instead
of using your smartphone screen. While we consume photography mostly looking at
our smartphone screens and all sorts of screens from our smart devices as well as
our laptops nothing really beats the experience of looking at true prints
holding the paper physically flipping through the pages and actually holding
something tangible. So now the photographs is not something digital
it’s not something that you just look at on the screen but it is actually
something that you can touch and you can feel. This adds another dimension on how
you show your photographs and in a way it actually shows that you’re serious
about your photography as well when you show people your photographs through
print and there are so many services providing in any locations in the world
to print photographs in the form of a tiny magazine book like this. It is not
expensive I spent about RM10 just to print this tiny book which I do bring
around and show people what I do on my shutter therapy session.
Here is a bonus tip – print out small prints of your photographs and pass it
around with your contact details at the back. Besides printing the photo book you
may also consider doing small prints such as 4R or 3R, something
small is something easy to slot into the camera back and carry around. Showing
your photographs in prints will always be better than showing your photographs
through digital screen. Now the cool thing about having small prints like
this is that you can just take out one of them and you can share your contact
details or links to a portfolio, Instagram page, Facebook page or any
other photography portfolio that you want them to visit. Now this is so easy
and when you pass this out to people they will actually look at it and say
wow this is actually a piece of your photography work and it beats giving out
name cards definitely. That’s all the tips that I have in this video I know
some of them are a little bit random and unusual but if they have worked
wonderfully for me in my photography and improve my daily routine I am sure that
they will benefit you in your daily photography as well. If you have other
tips to share that you think you can benefit the community please leave them
in the comments below. If you like this video please give me a thumbs up and I
hope to see you again in the next one. Until then please go out and take more
photographs! Bye bye

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31 thoughts on “5 Simple & Unusual Hacks To Improve Your Photography Life

  1. Great tips, man! I also noticed your SD card is the correct brand and there's a good looking photo in your wallet too.

  2. I just loved the tip about your details on the back of your photos. What a great idea! I think i will start doing that 😁

  3. Robin you are correct. Printing is very often overlooked with digital photography. As you know, even today’s inexpensive home printers can make a nice print with good photo paper. I can achieve pleasing results from an all-in-one HP photo printer with default iPhoto settings. Next, I’d suggest anyone to put their prints into very inexpensive pre matted frames like they have at Ikea and give them as gifts. No one will care how little it cost, but the joy and appreciation people receive from your gift will lift your spirits and motivate you like nothing else can.

    I just checked and there is an Ikea in KL, but 10,221 miles or 16,450km from my house in Florida😉

  4. What a great tips, I wanna try to put my camera batteries in the socks too. Thanks for sharing this useful video. Big LIKE 😃 👍 from Singapore.

  5. Darn, I gotten the Olympus macro converter years ago and it has nowhere near the magnification you get with the Raynox.

  6. Hi Robin, great video as usual. Can you do a tutorial on using the Olympus flash especially in a multi-flash environment? I have the FL-700RW, FR-WR, FC-WR and a bunch of FL-600Rs. It isn't easy to figure out how to control all of the flashes – and also how to do HSS.

  7. Great bits of advice, as ever. I regularly print photobooks – one to two a year. I do A3 size as can either get 6 decent size photos to a page or a few special photos larger. If you don't print them, there is a real risk you will lose them is my opinion.

  8. All great tips and great photography, Robin. Today, after work, I headed to our Daiso store here in Southern California, where they had the battery socks in stock :-). Needless to say, I'm already using them for my Olympus batteries!

  9. Great tips , I love the socks although I prefer the original plastic boxes (two of which I have lost) I just put the arrow on the EM1 battery in the hole of the box and the blue recycle sign on the reverse in the hole when due for recharge
    I love the book! do you have contacts in KL that produce them , Ill do some when I am next in KL at Christmas

  10. TNice ideas there.

    hose socks look as if they might prevent accidental short circuits against coins/keys. If you put rubber bands over them to hold the excess down then you have a tactile way to tell full batteries (the ones with the rubber band on) from the empty batteries (as you take the rubber band off to get the battery out and swap the fresh for the used).

    Why not use the small prints as post cards as well?

  11. Yet another great video, always a pleasure to watch and learn from. I’m looking at doing a photo book and would like some advice on choice of paper, there are so many to choose from. What do you suggest. Thanks.

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