5 Real Prison/Jail Escapes Caught On Camera

From a jail worker that forgot to lock the
door, to 3 inmates that escaped prison dressed as guards. Here are 5 Real Prison Breaks caught on camera. Number 1
Derrick Estell. 34 year old Derrick Estell, was arrested in
2013 after stealing a car and evading police. The police chase ended in a standoff that
involved a swat team and tear gas. A week prior to his arrest, he was also involved
in a bank robbery. He was held on 26 charges including aggravated robbery, burglary, theft,
breaking and entering, and fleeing. Over the next couple of months Estell, with the help
of his mother, girlfriend, and her stepdad, began to plan how he would make his escape.
On July 28, 2013, he was transferred to the Garland County Jail following a court appearance.
This cctv video footage catches Estell using the inmates phone while talking to his mother,
He then quickly drops the phone, and dives straight through the jails open reception
window and runs out of the front door. Estell then jumped into a waiting car and sped away.
Tamara Upshaw, Estells girlfriend, was later revealed to be the driver of the getaway vehicle.
Investigators say, Upshaw’s Stepdad, William Harding, distracted the deputies and diverted
their attention to the other side of the booking room, giving Estell the perfect opportunity
to escape. Estell’s mother was eventually arrested for her part in the escape, after
investigators listened to their phone conversation and heard her say, ‘are the shackles off?’
and ‘are there 2 or 3?’. Less than a month after the escape, Estell and his girlfriend
were found in a home in Arkansas and were arrested. In 2015, Estell pleaded guilty to
his charges and was sentenced to 32 years in prison. His girlfriend was sentenced to
3 years for her part in the escape. The 2 others involved are currently awaiting trial. Number 2.
Torie T. Smith In 2009, 31 year old Torie T. Smith was arrested
for aggravated battery on her boyfriend. She was brought into a New Orleans jail for processing.
She was only in the jail for about 2 hours before she saw an opportunity to escape. In
the Surveillance footage that was captured at the Orleans Parish Prison, we can see an
unidentified guard entering the jail, and slowly closing the door, however it turns
out that he didn’t lock the door that he came in. He then asks another jail worker to buzz
him through, we then see the guard open and walk through a door inside the jail, and for
a second time he doesn’t lock the door, Just out of frame,
Torie T.Smith has seen what has just happened and asks if she can go to the bathroom, she
then begins to make her escape from the jail. She quickly walks straight through both doors
without anyone noticing, and starts running down the side of the jail. She then scales
a fence, before moving out of sight of the camera. Torie was found and re-arrested just
24 hours later in a New Orleans apartment building. She was re booked into the jail
on the battery charge as well as an additional simple escape charge. Number 3.
Rocky Marquez Rocky Marquez was jailed in 2010 on many charges,
including forgery, witness tampering, DUI, misconduct involving weapons and drug offenses.
The 34 year old, was incarcerated in a Phoenix prison, where he befriended an inmate that
was close to being released. Somehow, Marquez convinced the inmate to swap id wrist bands
with him, so he could get out instead. He then simply walked out of the prison. Marquez
went on the run, and wasn’t found for 8 months until his car was tracked down in Detroit.
He was then locked up in a Detroit prison. Unbelievably, Rocky Marquez escaped prison
for a second time using exactly the same method. In this surveillance footage we can see how
he just casually walks out without anyone asking any questions. Authorities didn’t even
notice that Rocky had escaped until a full 5 days later. After just over a month, he
was found in Mexico and was swiftly deported back to the U.S. In 2014, Rocky Marquez pleaded
guilty to many offenses, including conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute 1,000
kilograms of marijuana, and conspiracy to commit money laundering. On July 28, 2014,
he received an 18 year sentence. Number 4. Chinese Prison Break On 2nd September 2014, Gao Yulun, Li Haiwei
and Wang Damin, escaped from a prison in Yanshou county, northwest of China. All three men
were in prison for very violent crimes including murder, 50 year old Gao Yulun had been given
the death penalty. The 3 inmates teamed up and began to come up with an escape plan.
At 6am, a guard named Duan took Gao Yulun to an interrogation room as he requested to
make a phone call. Once inside Yulun began to strangle Duan to death. The other 2 men
then rushed into the room and grabbed keys out of Duans pocket, and used them to steal
police uniforms. All 3 men then put the uniforms on and walked out of the prison one by one. Police offered of $20,000 reward for any information that would lead to the recapture
of any of the escapees. However, The 3 men were quickly recaptured and apprehended within
10 days of the escape. On November 13th, Gao Yulun and Wang Damin were both sentenced to
death for their killing of a prison guard and Li Haiwei was sentenced to life imprisonment
for his part in the escape. 3 guards were also given prison sentences in November of
2015, ranging from 3 to 6 years for their abuse of power, as one guard ordered to reduce
patrol and monitoring frequency at the prison. another guard was found guilty as he was responsible
for the lack of supervision of police outfits, and the final guard had fallen asleep on the
day of the escape. Number 5.
El Chapo 58 year old, Joaquin Guzman, also known
as El Chapo, is a Mexican drug lord and founder of the Sinaloa Cartel, described by the us
government as ‘the most powerful drug trafficking organization in the world’. Since 1989, the
Sinaloa Cartel have trafficked high amounts of drugs from south america, to the united
states and beyond. Much of their success has been due to their smuggling methods, one of
which involved air-conditioned tunnels that ran under the Mexican border. Guzman hired
many men to protect himself and his empire, that are allegedly responsible for over a
thousand deaths. In 1993, Guzman was arrested and sentenced to 20 years in a Mexican maximum
security prison. However, in 2001, Guzman escaped the prison via a laundry cart, by
bribing officials and guards, including the prisons own warden. A free man once again,
Guzman continued to run and grow his drug empire, and in 2009 it was reported that his
cartel was making an estimated $3 billion a year. El Chapo became the US governments
number 1 drug target, and offered a $5 million dollar reward for his arrest. In 2014, Authorities
tracked him down in a Mexican hotel, and arrested him again. Mexican President, Enrique Pena
Nieto, declined the us governments request to have Guzman extradited to the United
States, and explained that there was no way he would escape again. On July 11th 2015, Guzman
escapes from a Mexican maximum security prison.. again, however this time he doesn’t even have
to leave his cell. the cctv footage shows Guzman, pacing up and down in his cell,
he then moves towards his shower section, crouches down and appears to vanish. It was
later revealed that there had been a mile long tunnel dug directly under the prison,
that Guzman was able to use too escape. This footage shows just how well made the
tunnel network was, equipped with artificial light, air vents, and even a motorcycle, that
is believed to have been used to carry materials or possibly to transport Guzman himself.
Footage from Guzman’s cell was released in October 2015, that includes audio and shows
just how loud the digging of the tunnel was and may actually prove without doubt that
the prison guards allowed the escape to happen. El Chapo is currently on the run, the US government
are once again offering a reward of up 5 million dollars for his arrest and conviction.

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