5 Ghost Caught On CCTV Camera

Hotel Ghost One of the more spine-tingling videos on this
list is that of the infamously known screaming ghost of room 209. The video was recorded in 2003, as stated
by the timestamp, however, it was not uploaded until 2012. In the video, you can see a hotel security
worker go up to check on the room in question. As things continue to play, and as the man
draws closer to the room, the screaming reported can be heard through the camera’s audio. As of right now, no one really knows what
exactly went down within
room 209, or which location this precisely occurred at, as there are several WinGate Hotels located across the
state. We’ll replay the footage where things went
down, so you as the viewers may decide what you believe went down in that room. Or perhaps what or whom this spirit maybe?. Vanishing Ghost Car Well officers in Garden City, NJ, may have
captured evidence of just that. The date may be blurred out, but as of eleven
pm, one cruiser can be seen giving chase to what seems to be either a fleeing criminal
or delusional drunk driver. The chase would last for several minutes,
albeit sped up, and would conclude with something that surely baffled the officers involved. See for yourselves. What do you think happened to that car? Or how it was able to clear that fence in
a matter of a second. Could this be evidence that we remain true
to our nature even after death? Perhaps we’ll never truly know. Ghost Moving Chairs The Brookside Theatre in Romford, Essex, Uk;
has been known for its ongoings. However, as of 2014, CCTV footage would capture
events that many claims to be the location’s most credible evidence of there. Around 4am on a Sunday morning, camera’s
would lay witness and record, chairs and tables being lifted into the air and moved about. Some people also claim that there are moments
when a If you find it mysterious, then share and
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don’t want to miss what is coming next. As always, thank you for watching.

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100 thoughts on “5 Ghost Caught On CCTV Camera

  1. What a coincident the shadow ghost have the same clothes as the guy. Nr2 crew get bored at night shift. Calls the police on a ghost. Why do you not show clip from when the police came ?
    If someone like to broadcast a speak online, why tune the camera so wide that it include half the room, including the door she forgot to close. BAH….

  2. As for the car/ fence video — I don't think it is necessarily a case of "after death" or paranormal in a spirit sense. What if it is a time traveler who fled from being discovered and has the ability to manipulate physics in a way to get through the fence without disturbing it? If people are quick to theorize on ghosts (how would a car haunt anything if it has no soul?), perhaps the theory of parallel dimensions with alternative physics is plausible.

  3. That Door one was Fake the figure had A shadow casted in the back room also she didn't open up the door all the way to look she looked behind the door Knowing there was someone there standing on something that the door bumped into

  4. The girl on the ball is 100% staged. An attempt at a quick rise on YouTube for fast views, and clearly it worked. And the ghost car that’s been going around forever, I guarantee the fence was shit fence and the car blew right through it, the fencing was probably only tied down at the top so it was like driving through a shirt on a clothesline. The cop should have kept going and he would have stayed behind the car.

  5. The video where someone was screaming from the hotel room you can see a Misty Shadow walk out of the door after he walked in when the light flickered in the hallway you have to pay close attention but I seen it

  6. Number 3: the girl making the video fails to do what you or I would immediately do, ie throw the door all the way open. Instead she carefully holds it in a half-open position as though she is protecting something behind it 🙂 She also fails to be as terrified as one would be, if this is the result of several attempts to make the video.

  7. The girl with the door slamming shut sits off to the side just so the door is in plain view. This is fake
    Plus, she likes to talk about zombies.

  8. Psychic mediums (last vid no 1) their words can curse, don't go to them.. it comes as no surprise that there were strange things happening after he performed there..

  9. It's probably me being less gullible than everyone but I believe the word bollocks comes to mind. Even I could do better vids with better looking ghosts.

  10. there have been many logical claims that the white car slid under the fence seeing as how it could've been loose and given way, allowing it to raise up over the car as it passed thru, before snapping back once the car was already past the fence posts

  11. The one with the door shutting and the supposed "Ghost" peaking behind the door it is so fake you never see a ghost that appear so visible or actually appear 100% solid looking they always appear in a sort of shadowy or foggy looking in videos and pictures some times they appear more clear in pictures. That one looked so fake like some one in a costume behind the door….

  12. just listening to the room 209, even u can hear the screams, and they were really freaking me out. I think room 209 should be #1

  13. Everybody talks about the faint figure leaving the hotel room, but nobody talks about the flickering light just a few secs after it leaves…

  14. The police chase was in Garden City Georgia, not New Jersey, and it was explained that the clips on the fence were missing…. so no ghost car. Sorry 🤷‍♀️

  15. #2 video was debunked…. The car cleared through the fence by driving into the fence forcing it to lift up from the ground and it snap back in place before the police car got to the fence

  16. WOW, at 1:30 if you look very closely you can see it push him literally. I can see a fully body almost. Wow that is insane.

  17. No.3, she's making a video with her being the main subject talking but has the camera not point directly at her but conveniently framing the door where the "ghost" appears.

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  19. 0:44 – Enkoridore IO intencas forporti la kapuĉan junulon !!!
    1:52 – 2003. En la II-a etaĝ' sub nr-o 209. Kriado el la ĉambr' !!! 3:42, 4:25, 4:32 – IO eliras alkoridore !!!
    4:34 – Malantaŭ la pord' IO volas signi.. !!! > 5:17, 6:14 – Puŝas la pordon !!!
    6:23 – En Garden City, NJ (New Jersey) – Malantaŭ la baril' persekutita aŭtomobil' malaperas !!!
    8:31 – 2014. The Brookside Theatre in Romford (Essex, UK) – IO movas seĝon !!!

  20. At 4:24 ( ish) in the video of the hotel room with john… does anyone else see a ghost cross the screen from right to left?

  21. For reference a medicine ball is a basketball sided ball that is rather dense. she is on a yoga ball … sorry ocd ish tendencys

  22. The spirits in the theatre were probably P'd off at how the phoney psychic had no idea they were there and no matter how much they shouted at him, he couldn't make contact because all he was in it for was the money. This is them having a tantrum!

  23. video #2: the chain link fence wasn't wired onto the support poles at the bottoms so when the car hit it the fence just slid over the top of the car falling back into place after the car cleared it.

  24. …ghosts do not exist except in the minds of the mentally impaired, therefore I had no choice but to downthumb this video and click on the not interested in this channel button because you are a purveyor of ridiculous fucking nonsense…

  25. Watching this at 2:00 a.m. right now in my bedroom alone not afraid one bit lol trying to get a close look at the door that slams behind the girl

  26. Anooother generic ghost channel using the same lame videos that the other 100 generic ghost channels overuse.

  27. That car vid was proven to be possible, if the bottom and middle chain fence was loose, only being held up at the top, the fence would easily allow a car to slip right through with very little movement to the fence. After they clear through just turn off the lights and keep going.

  28. Christians believe Demons can shift into any form including UFOs that defy all laws of dynamics…i think the car is a DEMON.Dead people "sleep" until judgement acording to the word of God (The Bible) .DEMONs imitate a person they posessed.Demons recall past lives (Their former pocessions) by the person "is apointed but once to live/die"(Bible)

  29. In 3:43 we can see the ghost leaving the room…
    5:17 WTF!!! There is an face I think it's fake
    6:39 Idk
    9:12 idk too

  30. All of these vids are fake rofl you can easly search for example hotel ghost and there is a whole facebook page of proof the the video is edited and super fake

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  32. The car ghost was just the cop stopping to not ruin his squad car. You can see the left side of fence popping back into place because the ghost car did not knock it down

  33. There is alway some crappy fuzzy video or a jerk of camera a flash of light a friend hiding and helping. When a 4k video comes out without editing shows something then you have proof but you will always have skeptics. But the white shorts blue top girl didnt open the door all the way because someone was there so she could not. Trust me when and if it happens everyone will know and every one will believe

  34. a clairvoyant once said on a TV show in South Africa, that at her shows many spirits pitch up, and take part in the audience and even enjoy the gathering.

  35. Bloody fun my as I'm falling out of my chair laughing my pinkie bits of and at least you do your home wprk insearch r

  36. Number 2 is fake. The security guard “John” is a film maker who has made such films as the Blackwell ghost and the Phoenix tapes 97, both available on amazon prime.

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