3 Photography Pricing Strategies: How to Price Your Work [Beyond Numbers]

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16 thoughts on “3 Photography Pricing Strategies: How to Price Your Work [Beyond Numbers]

  1. Have a pricing strategy that has (or hasn’t) worked for you? Share below so that we can all grow together!

  2. THANK YOU! That's totally what happens when raising prices – always end up shrinking back down! In shame. I never thought about leaping to the next bubble! 🤯! Watching again!

  3. Perfect. You made me comfortable raising my prices OUT of this market. Now in Sept. I will be getting a Canon 6D MKii so I'll know the joy of shooting full frame and that will improve my work also. No matter what price you set, someone will always undercut you. I lost a wedding two weeks ago to a girl who has very limited experience and she said she would do the 7 hour wedding for $250.00 and here I thought I was ridiculous at $650. So after watching this, I more than doubled it, thank you. I would have charged more than double but too afraid in this market LOL but I'll get used to it. Thank you again!!

  4. Speaking of Real talk. What's your basic wedding setup, camera and lens. I know we guys like to have the best equipment for weddings, but might not be practical. Females tend to be more mindful, specially with heavy equipment. Can you do an update video on your current wedding equipment. I was thinking going with two Prime's and one macro.

  5. I love your content Chelsea! All of them are so helpful! ❤ I just wish you uploaded your videos more often 😊

  6. Your videos are SO helpful! I recently raised my prices again and could feel that I was really pushing the barrier of that first "bubble" I was stuck in. When I started to lose clients I wanted to panic. But this video made me realize that I'm headed in the RIGHT direction!! Now that I'm not burnt out with tons of low budget projects, I have the extra time I needed to work on my marketing strategies and find those really great clients that appreciate and value my work. I'm still getting the hang of it, and it feels strange turning people away with a really low budget. But I think my business is just going through some growing pains. 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences with us!!! <3

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