3 “No-Brainer” Accessories for WILDLIFE Photographers

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14 thoughts on “3 “No-Brainer” Accessories for WILDLIFE Photographers

  1. Thanks for watching, everyone! What are your 3 favorite accessories for Wildlife Photography? Also, let me know if you're interested in an "Intro to Flash Photography" for wildlife/macro video!

  2. Awesome man. I picked up the flash kit and I’m going to give this a try. Never used a flash before. Thanks bother! Love your IG btw

  3. Personally I use a paracord wrist strap and carry my 200-600 with the tripod foot rotated over the top of the lens! (when handholding)

  4. Also I use a Rolanpro 200-600 nylon cover, its very water resistant and a very snug and accurately cut fit with beautiful woodland camo. Cheaper than "lenscoat" neoprene or waterproof fabric. Worth checking out.

  5. I bought Yongnuo about 5 years ago before Godox became popular. I would go with Godox now like you suggested. I would be interested in a macro/flash video. For your setup, how do you fire the camera while walking around with the flash? Do you press the flash trigger and it then triggers the camera? I need to have a Yongnuo trigger on my camera, flash and in my hand.

  6. I'm new to your channel and I like your delivery a lot. I've seen several people highly recommended Peak Design lately. I don't shoot long telephotos (200-600) handheld very much, as I prefer to use the Wimberley on a tripod or monopod. But, when using the tripod/monopod, on occasion I'll temporarily remove the lens/camera from the gimbal and shoot handheld for just a few minutes. It looks from your video like the Peak Design is something that needs to be committed to. Do you know if there's any kind of "quick release" to connect/disconnect the Peak Design to/from the lens, so the lens can be quickly attached or detached to/from the gimbal?

  7. I tried the Peak Design strap & swapped it out for the Black Rapid, though I still love & use the Peak Design strap mounts for attaching any strap directly to the camera. I also just got my 1st official macro lens & so I am excited to try out my GODOX TT685 flash & X1T transmitter with this type of photography.

  8. Thanks for the great video Stefano. Really love my Peak Design, but I find it's not comfortable when I'm walking with a pack on. My new favorite accessory for my Sony (w/200-600) is using a Really Right Stuff replacement foot, the QD swivel, and BlackRapid backpack strap. Amazing if you walk around with a pack. The camera and lens weight go to your backpack straps, so very comfortable. The QD allows you to disconnect quickly and mount to a tripod or gimbal. AND there's not another strap around your neck. Really recommended it. You'll love it!

  9. I always enjoy your videos! I have a similar setup, but I attach the PD anchors to the two little side anchor points on the 200-600mm. That way the lens always has the anchors, and I don’t have anything on the bottom of the tripod foot. Anyway, thanks for all the inspiration.

  10. New viewer here, nice channel! I consider myself a pretty competent person but for the life of my I can't figure out the Godox setup for my Sony. I've got a Yougnuo I use but I'd like to use the Godox when Highspeed sync is needed. Do you have or know of any tutorials on how to use the Godox with Sony, I've searched and can't find any that make sense. Thanks and subscribed.

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