21 Best Photography WordPress Themes (2019)

In this video we’ll share with you 21 of
the Best WordPress Photography Themes for 2018 and 2019. We’ve analyzed hundreds of themes based
on speed, design, functionality, ease of use, and mobile responsiveness, so regardless of
whether you use photography as a form of expression, or as a vehicle for making money – we’ll
help you find the right WordPress theme for you. Some of the WordPress themes featured in this
review include: Pinhole,
Photography, Border,
And Lense – just to name a few. So let’s go take a look! We’ve created a post that you can follow
along with on the OHKLYN blog. A direct link will be in the description below
and available via the info card for this video. Here you’ll find the links to the themes
covered in this video, as well the summary stats for each theme we’ve analyzed. The links will also be available in the description
below, some of which will be affiliate links that will help fund future free videos like
this one, so we appreciate you using the links provided. Up first is Pinhole with a score of 9 out
of 10 Of all the themes on this list, Pinhole scored
the highest in terms of page load speed. Deemed a WordPress Gallery theme for photographers,
this theme is ideal for anyone wanting to showcase their art photography portfolio,
create a clean photography blog, or offer their photography as a service. With client login areas, photo download capabilities,
and photo proofing all built in, this theme is sure to impress. With a rich feature set, Pinhole provides
access to plenty of design elements and widgets usually reserved for multipurpose themes. This includes over 30 gallery designs to choose
from, tools to design how metadata for images are displayed, and image optimization to improve
loading time. The minimalist design is on trend, however,
may not suit everyone. In honesty, that’s our attempt to find something
wrong with this theme, which is hard. This theme is easy to use, looks and functions
great on all devices, and ticks the boxes in terms of speed, design, and functionality. In second place is Salient, also scoring 9
out of 10 Salient scored really high in our design,
functionality, and ease of use categories. It’s a multipurpose WordPress theme with
over 200 design templates and features a unique photography template. It comes with a vast range of animation effects,
fonts, icons, and elements that you can leverage easily using the Salient Visual Composer. For those wanting to sell online, this theme
is WooCommerce compatible and will integrate seamlessly. Salient scores really well across all categories,
however, the only thing that could be improved is the page load speed. This isn’t uncommon for multipurpose themes,
and for many, will be a trade-off worth making. We then have the Photography WordPress theme
scoring 8 out of 10. Aptly named, photography comes packed with
just about every feature you could hope for in a comprehensive photography WordPress theme. Scoring a perfect 10 for functionality, and
above average scores in all the other categories, this theme will be hard to go past. Dedicated entirely to the photography niche,
this theme comes with a number of pre-designed layouts that can be leveraged via a one-click
demo importer. This theme is WooCommerce enabled, features
a client proofing area, and includes premium lighboxes and uniques hover state options. Photography, is an all-in-one photography
WordPress theme for anyone who makes a living out of this niche. Up next is Kreativa with 8 out of 10 Kreativa is a unique theme from start to finish
and certainly stands out from the crowd. It comes with many exciting features like
the ability to play/pause the image sliders, handy drag and zoom tools, password protected
galleries, and widgets with options on gallery images. You can also “proof” images by selecting
and deselecting them to be displayed in a sequence within the image slider. The design itself is also something new with
the sidebar menu like a ribbon over the page. It’s just too bad that much of this functionality
is not available on the mobile display. Other than that, the mobile responsiveness
is more than adequate. To top it off, you have a decent selection
of page layouts to choose from. The best way to see just how fun and unique
this theme is, is to go play around with the theme yourself. Next on the list is Border with 8 out of 10 Right from the get-go, we love the look and
feel of this theme. With its use of full-screen images, this theme
is all about the image content. The text overlays and animations on images
are also tastefully done, and the photo proofing feature is excellent. A compact menu design also fits in beautifully
with the rest of the theme. Another fantastic touch is the ability to
disable the ‘right-click’ feature on images, protecting your copyrighted work. The unique design might not be the easiest
for some users to your site to use, or for you to plan a site around. However, it’s tremendously stylish and well
polished. There is also a good variety of demo content
to choose from that serve even more specific niches. From an aesthetic perspective, it would be
almost impossible to go wrong with this theme. Next is Coastline with 8 out of 10 Coastline pulls off a flat navigational architecture
flawlessly. Generally speaking, a flat navigational hierarchy
works very well for photography themes as it’s primarily supposed to act as a showcase
of your work for visitors to flip through, like an album. Using a horizontal layout for this type of
navigation also turns out to be a brilliant move by the developers. You can easily navigate between blogs, galleries,
portfolios either through the sidebar menu or left and right arrow buttons. The posts that consist of a piece of text
to the left and the image slideshow on the right help reinforce its focus as a photography
site or blog. This means that it’s lack of features isn’t
a con, but comes across more like a conscious design choice. Coastline looks great, feels smooth, and pulls
off its intended purpose with class. Up next is Shutter with 8 out of 10 Shutter is a well-built theme and has been
designed for photographers, designers, photo studios, or photo bloggers. With a number of pre-designed layouts and
demos to choose from, Shutter’s minimalist approach is sure to appeal to a number of
users. If we had to be critical, our only concern
is that the default design may be a little too barebones for some. However, for many, this will allow your content
to shine through. With an impressive mobile responsiveness score,
this theme could be a good option. We then have Bokeh with 8 out of 10 Bokeh distinguishes itself through its use
of minimalist masonry layouts and clean design. It has one of the best and most functional
image galleries, is intuitive to use, and still has all the utility you expect from
a quality photography theme. Animations and parallax effects are used throughout
the theme to provide some life and promote engagement. The intrinsically simplistic design (especially
on mobile) might not suit all tastes, but for those looking for a minimalist approach,
this is one for you. The page load speed could be improved, however,
it makes up for this shortfall with its design, ease of use, and functionality scores. We then have Olins scoring 8 out of 10 Olins is a straight-shooting portfolio theme
that will resonate with many photographers. It’s one of those themes where it’s dedication
to minimalism, and a single purpose feels more like a good thing than a sacrifice. You could also use this theme as an online
portfolio or CV, as it would do an excellent job of promoting your work, skills, and experience
in a tasteful manner. This theme doesn’t really have a weakness
as such, just a caveat. Olins is intended to be used as an online
portfolio for your photography and doesn’t come with the extended functionality that
other themes on this list have. However, it’s flawless in its simplicity
and worthy of your consideration if your website is to serve as a photography portfolio or
professional CV. Next is Lens with 8 out of 10 Lens is a WordPress theme tailored to the
photography niche and scores well in terms of design, ease of use, functionality, and
mobile responsiveness. Full of animations, hover states, and transitioning
effects this theme feels alive and incredibly engaging. There is very little wrong with this theme,
and the only criticism we have is that page load speed could be improved. However, all the big-hitting features like
photo proofing and a store are present, making this a fully-geared photography theme. Up next, we have Divi scoring 8 out of 10 Divi is a complete multi-purpose theme. To put it succinctly, it can be pretty much
whatever you want it to be, photography theme included. Once you have the Divi theme, you will have
access to a few layout packs tailored explicitly for a photography marketplace or showcase
via their free Divi layout packs. You will then be able to customize these layout
packs to the most minute detail using the Divi Page Builder. Divi’s page load speed is the only slight
concern, however, it makes up for this with its extensive range of design options, level
of functionality, and seamless experience on all devices. You also have access to a wide range of documentation
and excellent premium support. If you want endless possibilities at your
fingertips, Divi is the theme for you. Review our free WordPress tutorials page to
access one of our free tutorials using Divi. The next theme on the list is Ultra with 8
out of 10 Ultra is the flagship Themify theme and in
their own words the most powerful and flexible theme created. It’s also one of our favorite multipurpose
themes that provide its user with unbridled control over their website or blog. That means that Ultra can be whatever you
want it to be, even a photography website, portfolio, or blog. It comes with all the image animation and
gallery options you can hope for, and more. Some of the pre-made demos like Wedding and
Restaurant already make excellent use of images. You will need to put in a fair amount of work
to turn it into a photography centered blog, but nothing is impossible with Ultra. We highly recommend this theme if you are
comfortable working with comprehensive page builders as it gives you unrivaled control
over the look and feel of your photography website. Once again review our free WordPress tutorials
page to access a free tutorial using the Ultra Theme. Next is Creatively with 8 out of 10 This theme was made to be an online portfolio
and is incredibly well suited to the photography niche. Like many other themes on this list, it has
a few unique design quirks to ensure your site stands out from the crowd. Its main eye-catching feature is how the typography
overlaps with the images to create a unique look. The tiered mega menu is always a welcomed
bonus, but we wish it were just as good as the rest of its responsiveness on mobile. Taking everything into account, it’s a theme
that comes with all the necessities that are packaged in an attractive skin. A good all-rounder that just might be worth
considering. We then have Aster theme scoring 8 out of
10 Another theme that’s aimed at those who
offer photography services for events, Aster approaches this niche with a more elegant
and feminine approach. This makes it even more suited towards wedding,
baby, or birthday photography. The Client’s Area is a password-protected
online portfolio where clients can view their photos. Graceful animations and rich typography make
sure that this theme is very soft on the eye. The only downside to this theme is that it
doesn’t offer many extra features. However, it caters to the photography niche
adequately and comes with a simple yet effective services page for those wanting to list packages
or services. Next is PhotoProof, with 8 out of 10 PhotoProof is a photography theme with a very
eclectic concept. The creators opted for a horizontal design
that suits the purpose of the theme well. You will also immediately be greeted with
the fantastic horizontal parallax scrolling effect on the central display area. If you prefer something a little different,
there are various albums with equally unique and enjoyable effects to choose from. The black and white color scheme helps to
highlight the images and keep the design stylish and professional. If we have any criticism, it’s that this
theme doesn’t offer many extra features or design possibilities. However, it fulfills its primary purpose beautifully. It also deserves credit for translating elegantly
to mobile. If this is your style, you can’t do much
better than Photoproof to create your photography site. Also scoring 8 out of 10 is Vega Vega is a complete WordPress theme. It can be used for a variety of purposes but
has more than enough to offer someone looking for a site focussed on their photography. There are a few different demo sites that
each have a unique layout and architecture. Vega 4 is one that we particularly like because
it makes use of large images, especially on the homepage. It looks complex at first, but once you get
the hang of it, you will see just how attractive and intuitive the design elements are. The demo sites are slightly confusing when
it comes to their page layouts, but this is something you can change when you start building
your own website from the theme. There are 15 different galleries to choose
from. To top it off, Vega comes with a complete
shop, portfolio, and blog that all also have variations and layout options, making it a
complete photography theme. Next up is Mochi, with 8 out of 10 Mochi is a straightforward online photography
portfolio with enough of its own design quirks and unique elements to ensure your site stands
out. Scoring well in our page speed tests and from
an ease of use and design perspective, Mochi could be a real contender. It’s a very basic theme but comes with a
universally attractive design and intuitive user experience that more than makes up for
its lack of features. If you are a solo photographer, blogger, or
small studio, Mochi could be the theme you are looking for to showcase your portfolio
in a unique and effective way. We then have Neto with 7 out of 10 We included this theme for those who want
to combine a store with their photography website or blog. Neto has been featured in our top eCommerce
themes review for its prowess in that regard. Images are featured as very prominent design
elements and as marketing for categories or products. It’s simple, bold design also makes it very
easy to use. It’s not a fully-fledged photography theme,
however, it is very well suited for those wanting to sell photography or art online. Blog posts come with functional galleries
that can help show off your designs and draw users to your products. As always, CSSIgniter has nailed the mobile
responsiveness, and the theme is easy to use on all devices. Next is Erwitt with 7 out of 10 For those who want to make images the center
point of their navigation and to tell a story, Erwitt is the theme to use. The demo shows the best way to utilize it
by presenting the theme as a gallery for wedding, travel, editorial or agency photos. It’s as if visitors follow the event or
story through the images which are a unique concept and an intuitive way to showcase work. It’s a theme that addresses a particular
need, and as such, may not work for all purposes. In keeping with the rest of this theme, the
blog is shown as a timeline of journal entries, and a simple index gives a broader perspective
on the content structure. So, if you want to use your images to tell
a story, Erwitt may be the theme you were looking for. We then have Noah with 7 out of 10 Noah is one extremely classy theme. The design takes elegance and minimalism to
the next level. It creates the perfect stage for your photos
with great use of animation adding to the luxurious feel. Scoring well across the board, Noah is certainly
worth considering. Our only critique is that it may not be as
feature rich as other themes which may be a deal-breaker for some. However, this theme responds great on mobile
and may even look better on mobile than desktop. It’s a solid theme that’s well built and
topped off with a classy, timeless design. In the last spot of our best WordPress themes
for photography review we have Lense We regularly feature themes from CSSIgniter
because they are more often than not high-quality purpose-built themes. Lense is their attempt at a fully-fledged
photography theme, and it maintains their standards well. When it comes to design, this theme is exceptionally
straightforward which is good if you want your images to be the center of attention. Few themes handle mobile displays as well
as Lense, and this is reflected in its score. We would have liked to see more niche specific
functionality included in this theme, however, it’s simplicity and elegance is alluring. Much like a good lense, this theme will go
a long way to help you frame your work in the best light. And, that completes our review of the 21 best
photography WordPress themes for 2018 and 2019. We hope that you enjoyed this video and found
a theme for your next project. Leave a comment and tell us which themes you
liked or didn’t like and any feedback for how we can improve future videos. If you liked this video hit the like button
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  2. I'm looking for a theme that offers photo display, Video display, a combination of both and including text and also with the ability to individually implement custom ads. The layout for the landing page should be something like "LENS" which was featured in this video. Any suggestions?

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