2012 CSU Summer Arts: Digital Cinematography Workshop

Cinematography is photography. It is painting. It is visual expression. Color. Movement. Motion. It’s alive. It moves. It is dance. It is drama. It is reaching out and grabbing and touching
the human emotion. Not with words. Not with symbols. But with abstract stuff like music. The tonalities of music they just grab you and the colors and shapes and tones and movements
of cinematography they grab you. Cinematography is the connection between reality
and imagination because it is the physical, the technical part that
takes a vision and makes it real. Painting with light. Sort of the balance between science and art. Making a story come to life through moving
pictures. Pretty much portraying a story basically into
real life. I created this Digital Cinematography Workshop
because I wanted to do something that would introduce students
to a hands on workshop environment working under professionals from the ASC where they
could really get an intensive experience with digital equipment that hasn’t even hit the
market yet. Here at the Summer Arts Workshop we are blessed
with quite a large donation of equipment form Canon. We have a lot of grip
and lighting support from CSU Monterey Bay. One or two days after I arrived I felt like
everything exceeded my expectations. We came to go look at the new cameras and
I was blown away. Ww had two C300s, two 5D Mark 3s and we had
a Red Epic staring me in the face. The first thing we touched was the Red, and
there’s just so much stuff on it. So many wires and so many components I didn’t
know what I was gonna do. I just kept thinking how am i gonna learn
all of this week. It was intimidating but I think getting time
to actually, you know, shoot on it and stuff has been a lot more comforting. Right after the lectures on how to use the
cameras you have the hands on experience. We got out there and we did it and the doing
it part since that how I learn, I wouldn’t have learned it. When you’re doing it hands on it just clicks
and it just like, oh, so this is what she’s been talking about the whole time
or this is what he’s been talking about. We set up a dolly in the hallway. We put the
camera on the dolly, also the actor on the dolly with it to simulate him floating
through the air like a dreamlike state. I’ve seen it in a few other Spike Lee films
and I just love the way he looks like he’s gliding through the air and that’s kind
of like a shot that really inspired me. I really enjoyed working with the green screen.
I’ve tried to do green screen before and its never really looked that clean
before and I’m really happy I got the opportunity to do that because now I can take
that from here and apply to work that I do outside in, you know, the real world. Cinematography is so deep. Layer, upon layer,
upon layer, upon layer, and lighting is a big one, and a complex one. Lighting was way, way over my head before
I ever walked in this building. I’ve been on sets before but you know they
say grab that light, put it up. It seems pretty simple, but you don’t really truly
understand what that light is why that light’s the right light to choose. All the tricks that you see in a movie. You’re
like, “That’s how it’s done” “How would
they do that?” and he gets out there and he shows us what to do and it’s…I’m
kind of blown away because I’m learning these
secrets of the trade and its really exciting. When he first demonstrated he had, he had
like an um, model and he kind of just followed her along with the ball and I was
like “Wow that’s a beautiful light I want to
use that light. Some of them are seeing the power of what
you can in this powerful medium for the very first time and they go “Ah, you can
do that!” and of course, it’s a gorgeous medium. I’m just really happy I made this come together
because everyone is just so into it. It’s the way all the people have come
together. Not only Amy and Bob and you guys and
Johnny and the students. It’s been a great group together and I’m very happy the way
its all gone down. What I’ve learned from this past week is
collaboration. You have to be optimistic when you’re on
set. The confidence to make those decisions that
need to be made. There’s lots and lots and lots of different
things that they could get. And I don’t care what is whether it was technical, creative
or how to deal better with collaboration with people and long as it was meaningful
for them.
 Oh. Hello, and welcome to California State
University at Monterey Bay. Some of you might be wondering, “Is Summer
Arts right for me?” Well stick around for a while and I’m here
to give you some info that might change your mind. Here at Summer Arts we put you into a group
of creative minds just like you. Uh, what elese ws i gonna say *beep* Whether you’re into hip-hop animation cinematography
or acting… Ah dammit! *beep* Whether you’re into hip-hop animation – *beep* Whether you’re into hip-hop animation acting
or cinematography I think you’ll find just what you’re looking for.
Located in the beautiful city of Monterey you’re just a stone throw away from the
ocean. Did I mention ca-naries-
Aw it’s canaries! *beep* Not only will you be paired with some of your
peers that have the same passion as you do, but the mentors that teach you know a little-
Uhhh *beep* You’ll be mentored by some of the most intelectual
and profesisonal people that we could afford *beep* Oh. Hello, and welcome to
California State University here at Monterey
Bay some of you might be wondering is summer arts right for
me? Well, give me a few moments of your time and
I’ll give you some info that might just sway
your decision. Here at Summer Arts we partner you with some
of the most creative minds in all of California.

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