2 Things That Will Make You a BETTER Photographer FOR FREE

welcome back ladies and gentlemen today
we’re talking about two ways to make you a better photographer completely for
free but before we get to that I want to give away $50 Amazon gift card to you
beauties just for being so awesome and tuning into my videos we’ll get to that
at the end of the video though you know what I’m gonna take this video off and
I’m gonna introduce someone who you guys have been requesting to see in the
videos lately and I think he’s probably better suited to teach you this one so
no not you get out of here man come on him hey everyone
smart Daniel here 100% smarter than this guy and infinitely cooler than that
loser now if you want to become a better photographer it’s actually very simple
all you have to do is okay that was a little mean but if
you’re still watching tip number one is to bring your camera everywhere with you
whether you enjoy taking portraits or landscapes there are always going to be
pictures to take and it doesn’t matter where you’re going going out with
friends going out for dinner going to a family function take pictures of
everything whether it’s plants or the food you’re eating or the friends
are with or your pet let me let me love let me love you or even
strangers well maybe don’t take your camera
everywhere the saying practice makes perfect is a saying for a reason
the more you have that camera on you the more shots you’ll be taking the better
your shots will get and the more likely you are to take that award-winning photo now tip number two might seem pretty
straightforward but you’d be surprised how many photographers don’t actually do
it tip number two is to stop being a lazy photographer and what I mean by
that is the whole world sees from roughly eye level so change up your
shots get up high get down low get behind something create
that shallow depth-of-field give the viewers something they’re not
used to seeing and that’s immediately gonna make your pictures come across as
even better honestly it’s that simple follow the two
tips I gave you bring your camera everywhere and shoot everything and
don’t be a lazy photographer don’t shoot everything from eye level if you can do
those two things it won’t cost you a dime and you will immediately be a
better photographer I promise you you will notice that your shots are way
better I’ll catch you in the next video but don’t forget to subscribe and
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waiting for do you not want to win an Amazon gift card go let’s go do it

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  2. I know there are tons of videos out there but you should do a video on long exposure, and also put my name down for the gift card, just some thoughts.

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