🛠 Blue Picture on the UHD TV LG 43UF640V, 43UF6407, 43UF6400. How to fix backlight

Today I have an Ultra HD TV LG 43UF640V The client describe problem as: “after moving, the image on the screen
It has become blue.” Hello, everyone. Привет, все. And welcome back to very excited video blog. First, before, you need to disassemble TV to watch the problem from the inside. Turning on the TV, we see that the light under the matrix is ​​really blue. Having completely disassembled TV and checking the LEDs with a multimeter, we see that they Shine in blue.
This is a problem of some LG TVs with LEDs, the phosphor disappears after a some time
And as a result, the image on the screen is blue. There are two solutions. The first is to cheaper… Replace single LEDs, but then we have the risk of getting the image is stained because it’s very difficult to align the diffusers on the LEDs And the LEDs themselves are very small, about 1 millimeter to 1 millimeter. Another is to order LED strips from China with LEDs and diffusers already installed. I tried both. I replaced all the LEDs and turned on TV. Everything worked as it should but not for long time. I don’t know but may be doesn’t good quality LEDs or they did not fit well to the heat sink, but as a result, one tape burned out. Then I ordered a ready-made strips of LEDs and began to install. As expected, they earned and scattered light well over the entire surface. And not spots on the screen after installation. I hope this video was useful for you and best way say thank you to the author: is to share this video with friends. If your wants to support channel via donation you can find in the description below this video. Hope to see you next time.

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4 thoughts on “🛠 Blue Picture on the UHD TV LG 43UF640V, 43UF6407, 43UF6400. How to fix backlight

  1. This issue occurs on the following TV models: LG HC430DGN-SLNX1, LG 430DGN-SLNX1, LG 43UH6030, LG 43UF6400, LG 43UF6407, LG 43UF640V, LG 43UH619V, LG 43UH610V, Panasonic 42 inch TV TH-42A400C, Panasonic V420FWSD01, PHILIPS 43PUS6162/12 LBM430M0801-BW-3, etc.
    with backlight 850mm and 8 lamps.

  2. такая же проблема, поделитесь ссылкой где заказать полоски с Китая, или хотя-бы как их найти

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