[그림책 이야기] ‘너는 특별하단다’ 자존감 상승 그림책/[Picture book story] You are special

Hello everyone
Today’s picture book is special. You’re special at author Max Lucedo As a best-selling author and preacher in the American Christian publishing world Bible content very imaginative I know you are abundant and wonderful.
This night he told his three children It was born that you are special. This book is about living apart from religion To the heart of everyone I think it’s a special gift to catch. The first time I encountered this book Thanks to my 8 year old son and 5 year old daughter. I wanted to give something more special on May 5th I met this book with my children
Of course, the children liked the toys more. You read this special book
Did you like this book After two or three or four books, We met together Something special to kids Through this book that I started to read Rather, I was comforted and encouraged Picture book which children fall for adult to read You’re special. Let’s meet. The Little Tree Man Punchello Story You’re special. Created by Max Luckei. Sergio Martinez painting In a village where a small tree people This story unfolds Is not very different from the society in which we live. We are so handsome Ugly fat slim In this way, people are evaluated by their appearance. Even if you are in the prestigious I don’t see it I think humanity will be great. This little guys comic was no different. For bhammyk with smooth bark and brilliant colors Golden stars give wood textures that are rough and I’m going to live all day with a gray slip. In the expectations and evaluations of others While I try to be unfair I’m not a good tree man myself You will lose yourself Are you centering yourself? Or to like others Are you living a fake life? I also like the voice inside me Sometimes I listen to others and shake. The picture book that you are special Say more to the voice inside me Then you hold your height and you don’t have the talent to do this Let’s meet Punchello, who covered the whole body with gray dots. Deserve a lot of slips The comics are looking at me Punchello isn’t a good guy. That’s why I came to myself as Punchnell Maybe I’m a good tree guy Even if I go outside, Punchello I only got along with people with lots of marks. For some reason it was more comfortable Punchello, caught in the whirl of others’ evaluation, In the end, they think they are useless In a swamp of despair. Then just a clean tree person without an asterisk or slip I’m meeting Lucia. All day with a gold or gray slip In the town of Hitmic How did Lucia go without a mark Could it have been perfect? I want to share my experience here. I am a 10-year accident-free driver who can only drive in the neighborhood So parking is only possible in front of the house One day acquaintances burned 1 I was parking my house. You’ve been driving for 10 years How do you park like this? It made me sullen The next day, you will pick up acquaintance 2 and meet the same situation. However, acquaintance 2 was very different from acquaintance 1 How do you park well without a rear camera? Thumb up! It was to build up an old temple In this simple and short situation, Depending on the subjective view of others, good or bad I didn’t have to be shaken by someone else’s words. Sometimes you don’t have to worry about I DON CARE. Yes, Lucia did. The comics gave Lucia a star and a dot. Somehow, Lucia’s body The spot fell and fell. Some comics tell Lucia If there’s no asterisk, I put a slip Other comics compliment that there is no dot Starred. But soon the star and the dot went out. The reality is that we live Asterisk or asterisk Who assigns a dot to who? And who stares whom? They are just the same people as us. Who is the good boy good for? In case I’m comfortable Didn’t you star a good boy? Or is it the opposite? Lucia sees what others think What I think Because I believed it was more important. What choice would a little wood man Punchello choose? What kind of life do you want? It was a handsome mom who wanted to give everyone a special present.

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35 thoughts on “[그림책 이야기] ‘너는 특별하단다’ 자존감 상승 그림책/[Picture book story] You are special

  1. 🧔🧔 사람 개인마다 추구하는 성향이 다르듯이 나란 존재도 이 세상에 유일무이한 존재입니다. 그렇듯이 아무리 가엾고 여린 사람일지라도 특별하고 자신을 대하듯이 존중하는 태도를 다시한번 생각하게되네요!! 감사합니다!!

  2. 우왕 미남엄마님도 후방카메라 없이 주차 잘하시네요!! 저도 후방카메라가 없는 차를 운전하고 있어요!때때로 좋은차를 부러워 하지만 저는 제 자동차가 세상에서 제일 특별하답니당

  3. 세상 사람 모두가 다 같을수는 없죠. 누군가는 키가 크고 누군가는 키가 작고 또 누구는 평범하고 등등. 그렇다고 내가 저 사람과 다르고 저 사람들처럼 성격이 같지 않다고 해서 내가 못난것인가요?? 그렇지 않다고 생각합니다.
    스스로부터 어떻게 여기느냐에 따라 큰 가치를 부여한다고 생각해요.

  4. 오늘도 영상 잘봤습니다 ! 뚱뚱하다는 말을 많이 들어서 고민이 많았는데, 저의 살들도 특별하다는 걸 알았어요 😆 새벽에 영상이 업로드 됐던데 건강관리도 하시면서 유튜브하시길 바랍니다~!

  5. 저도 이 책을 참 좋아해요~^^ 새 학기를 시작할 때 항상~ 읽어 주죠! 감동감동~
    정말 아이들에게 들려주다 내가 반하게된 작품이랄까..ㅎ

  6. 진리ㅡ"타인의 말에 흔들릴 필요없다"
    좋아요~~백만개 누르고 싶어요~♥

    전 타인의 평가를 받으면 마음속으로 주문ㅋㅋ을 외워요
    "작아지지 말자! 난 타인의 평가와 상관없이 온 우주에서 단 하나뿐인 소중한 사람이다"라고요~~

    미남엄마가 주는 특별한 선물 잘받았어요~~^^♥고맙고 감사해요
    "특별한 선물" 을 받고 나니~~
    으라차차~~!!호랑이 기운이 나는데요^^♥

    늘 미남엄마♥를 응원합니다!^^

  7. 명작중에 명작인듯요 맥스루케이도 작가/목사 자존감 필요한 모든이에게 필요한 책인듯 싶네요 잘보고갑니다.

  8. 이책은 뮤직컬, 연극으로도 쉽게 만나볼 수 있는 명작인걸로 알고있습니다. 너무 좋은 그림책 이야기 화이팅입니다.

  9. 미남엄마님~성우인가요~ 목소리가 와우~ 이런 유익한 채널 좋네요~애들 어릴때 동화책 읽어주며 동물 흉내 내던때가 생각나네요~^^

  10. 책을 읽지도 않고 한권 뗐네요 ㅎㅎ 기준이란 것 내가 만들어 나를 가두는 것^^ 그렇지만 도덕적인 것에서는 엄격할 필요가 있다는 생각이 들어요~^^

  11. 너무 좋은 엄마네요 책을 읽어주는 엄마는 아이들이 책읽는습관을 들이게 하더라구요 목이터져라 읽어줬던 기억이 나네요 저도요
    매일 이야기 들으러 와야겠어요..
    너는 특별하단다..
    구연 동화로 들으니 너무좋아요^~ 꾸욱 하고 갑니다 421 134

  12. 미남엄마님 채널보니.. 책읽어주는 여자? 문화산책이라는 프로그램이 떠오르네요. 넘나 좋은 채널

  13. 스페셜….. 많은 생각들게 합니다 마침 어제 매트릭스 재개봉해서 다시 봤는데 .. 특별함이란 모두에게!

  14. 8살5살 엄마라서 이렇게 좋은 책을 잘 고르셨군요.
    너는 특별하단다.
    우리 모두 다 다르고 특별해서 어디서 그 매력이 나올지 모르는거죠.
    미남 엄마는 좋은 엄마..화이팅.

  15. 사회가 규정해 놓은 행복의 기준에 길들여진 내 자신을 많이 보게 됩니다. 내 자신의 소중한 무언가를 버리면서 비교에 삶을 살때가 있지요. 그 프레임을 떠나 나 스스로의 자존감을 지켜나가는 것. 어쩌면 힘들다 할 수 있지만, 전 무엇보다 중요한 가치라 생각합니다. 오늘 이야길 듣다보니 같은 생각이들어 댓글을 남기네요.

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