Where was the First Cinema?

It depends what you mean by first? The Regent Street Cinema is in the original Polytechnic building. And it is true that the Lumiere shows, the early run of Lumiere shows in February 1896 in London were done there. So if you regard the first Lumiere run as the first dawn of moving pictures in […]


5 Insane Insect Fights Hi guys! Insects are the largest and the most diverse type of animals on Earth. 1.5 million of different kinds of insects inhabit our planet. They may be found in all environments: they reside on the ground, in the sky and water… Often insects get mixed up in mortal combats and […]

Phobos Photobombs Hubble’s Picture of Mars

Phobos photobombs Hubble’s picture of Mars! Hubble’s 13 exposures happened to capture a timelapse of one of Mars’ two tiny moons. Hubble saw Phobos. The other moon is Deimos. Both are only a few miles wide! Astronomer Asaph Hall discovered them in 1877 with a telescope in Washington, D.C. Many spacecraft have looked at the […]

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