Why You Need a Tripod in Your Camera Bag!

tripod-390902_1280Any photographer, be they serious or just starting out will at some point or another be in need of a decent tripod. Free hand photography offers a flair and a raw look that can be amazingly striking. The truly skilled can use to this to their advantage to create some fantastic pieces of work and it really does take a knack to reach a top level with it.

The advantages of a tripod are numerous and the first, and probably most obvious reason, is the stability it gives you. Tripods can be solidly set, and fixed in place. A really handy thing when you are taking photographs of things that are in motion and that require you to remain steady as the object moves. Any extra bounce or slight twitch can really throw the final result off if there are too many moving parts while you try and get the perfect shot.

The next bonus is that most tripods will have an adjustable height level. This again means you can set your camera to a consistent and fixed level, or in a fixed direction. Perfect if you are patiently waiting for something to emerge, or to come travelling back. For example photographing a cycling race, or sporting event. This fixed level can lead to some super results and makes it well worth buying a tripod that can be extended or dropped down in height. Tripods are also great for shooting in low light as they allow you to have a much slower shutter speed and keep your images sharper.

It also may seem obvious, but it really does free up your hands for other things. You can concentrate on your lens and focussing it properly, looking at everything that is going on around you, and make any last minute adjustments that might suddenly crop up. If you’re shooting families and children you might have to focus more on positioning and even gaining the attention of young ones, that your hands will come in handy for gesturing and more.

Simply put tripods are crucial as you continue down your journey in the photography world. Look out for further articles on how to capture the best shots while using a tripod, and when it is necessary to swap to free hand, or even use a monopod for a bit more stability while still using the freedom we all love when shooting.

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