What Exactly is an SLR Camera?

dslrPhotography is a big, big world to explore. It has so many different terms, types of camera and bits of equipment that there is a lot of knowledge to gain. Zanaduphoto.com is here to not only offer advice and opinion, but make sure that you can get that experience. Finding what you need online to supplement the knowledge you will be gaining in your day to day photography work. Today We will be looking the the SLR.

SLR is a term that you have probably heard plenty of times when talking about cameras, and the pursuit of photography as a business, or hobby. To begin with SLR stands for single-lens reflex. So and SLR camera is a single-lens reflex camera.

This means that the camera uses a system of mirrors (which gives it the reflex in the title) that means the user of the camera can see exactly what will be photographed when looking at the desired object. This is an upgrade from the traditional style viewfinder camera which can lead to the user of the camera having a vastly different end product, to what they actually see through the viewfinder.

The first SLR cameras where produced in 1880’s yet the complexity of the design meant few where used. Yet the SLR was not to be kept down, and as mechanicals advancements where made and engineering moved forward they got better and better. By the 1960’s they had become the preferred method of photo capturing for most professionals.

The viewfinder struggled because of the way light travelled within the camera. It needed different paths between the viewfinder and the film, meaning somewhere at a set point it would need to intersect. This meant that the quality of close range photography could suffer. The SLR had not such problem and rose to prominence on the back of it. With big brands such as Nikon and Olympus taking advantage of it and continuously developing better cameras.

It remained the top of the game until the mid 1990’s, until digital imaging previews started to take over. The LCD preview was a big step up once again, and kept everything moving forward. But in the professional game SLR still remains the camera of choice for most high end companies and freelancers. SLR will always have less shutter lag, giving higher level of precision. The pixel resolution, colour, contrast ration and refresh rate can not be matched by the LCD preview cameras. All of these quality points make them a must have for most serious photographers.

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