Wedding Photography Tips Part One: Perpetration is Key

wedding-443600_640We have eluded briefly in previous articles about why we believe wedding photography is so rewarding, and how it attracts so many of the casual, and full time members of the photographic community. Today we are going to offer you a few quick tips if you are yet to tale your hobby to the next level. Maybe you just like going out with your camera on the weekend, yet have attracted attention because of it. They saw your lovely country landscape shots and now want you to take pictures of the biggest day of their life. It’s OK is here to get your through.

Forward planning is one of the biggest and best tips we can offer. Get together with the couple and create a list of shot types they would like, even if its just a rough draft. Also make sure it includes exactly who they want in each one. Have a full and comprehensive list of every family member and friend they want, and al the different combinations. This way nobody gets missed out.

As part of the forward planning scouting out the venue in advance is also a huge bonus. This will help when suggesting the more abstract shot types, and quirky little intimate photos you see so often in those wedding magazines. It may not be something the top end pro’s do but I find it very handy.

Obviously in the mood of forward planning your own equipment needs to be maintained and ready to go. Fully charge battery packs, keep your memory cards free and clear and be prepared for all eventualities. Have back up plans and alternatives in case of rain, or any other unforeseen event.

When making your lost consider getting a second camera. This means you can set each one up in two different ways. We usually go for one with a narrow lens and another with a wide angle lens. With this though comes the need for extra battery packs, but the versatility and speed it will offer you cannot be understated.

You may also consider taking a computer or projector along with you to the event. This is simply to further your own exposure, and to give a fun aspect to the day. You can display your previous shots form the day as a slide show, and let the guests see exactly what is going on. The exposure it will give to your art is also invaluable.

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