Wedding Photography Tips part 2, Use of Techniques

wedding-443600_640Hopefully if you have found part two of our wedding photography tips, then you have already seen part one. That was all about the preparation and how to use extra equipment in order to create the best experience possible for the happy couples and guests, and also give them the best end product. Today we move on to a more technical side, and some quick and easy things that will really boost what you are trying to achieve.

Firstly, and maybe obviously, turn off any sound on your camera. Emotional moments at wedding like the signing of the register, vows and kiss are shrouded in silence. Don mess them up with clicks and bleeps. Turn it off upon arrival and keep it that way.

Use of light is key, and you need experience or at very least a basic understanding of of it for good wedding photography. Most traditional style churches have very low light, so consider how you are going to bounce light off surfaces. Do you need a diffuser, is it a coloured surface your bouncing it off. By combining this with the preparation work we described in part one, scouting the venue, you can get the best possible results.

The intimate shots we see and love in magazines can be the real big hits. A ring lying on a table, a champagne glass, a table piece. Snap everything, the smaller the details the better. They can be real hits and make the couples day. They are also perfect to use in a collage or your own portfolio.

In the spirit of capturing the unusual an intimate, consider switching to continuous shooting mode. Getting a lot of shots fast can really pick out the little emotions. It also helps just after posed shots, as once everyone is relaxed thinking the camera is not still going, can lead to capturing some truly beautiful moments.

Hopefully we have given you a brief insight into the basic tricks to achieve great wedding photography. We intend to do a third part advising on some of the more advanced techniques, but for now we hope this can be a big help. Keep looking for more articles just like this one.

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