Wedding Photography in Review: Part One


img src = brings you another look into some great wedding photography. We at ZanaduĀ aim to make you as confident as possible when pursuing your love of photography, and hope that these reviews will bestow years of experience on you, in a relatively short amount of time. Being able to get experience of different photographs and situation can be hard to achieve on your own, and using our review will definitely get you ahead of the game. This time we look at a photo containing the bride and the groom.

The first thing we should reveal about our choice to look at this picture is that unlike our last review, it is very deliberately staged. Taking a staged photo offers a huge element of control over many things, but still requires careful planning to get it right.

The bride and groom quite clearly got married in this very specific venue, with a lovely outdoor area. The statue of cupid is a great touch. The photographer has used it in a bold way, choosing to separate bride from groom here. This is so the statue can stand between them, symbolizing the love they have for each other. Yes having a literal statue of the god of love may be a bit much for some, but it is done delightfully, and obviously makes the couple very happy. After all that is all that matters.

Although the groom is clearly there, the focus is on the foreground and the beautiful bride. A cute smile and an almost wistful look over her shoulder back at the an she will spend the rest of her life with. He is leaning on the cupid statue, as if waiting for her. With the rest of their lives ahead and a strong bond of love.

The looking away form the camera or over a distance at their new spouse is a great technique to use in wedding photography, but as always judgement is key. With scenery or other things that need focus it can be fantastic, but would also not suit a photo that need to be up close and personal capturing minute details and emotions.

Wedding photography is not easy, and we’re hoping that by breaking down some of the photographs we have found out and about we can bring inspiration and information to budding photographers everywhere.

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