Types of Photography Career

wedding-443600_640Lots of people want to be a photographer in this day and age, and it is a great job, you get to be creative and give people something they will treasure and keep forever. Photographers have a great job and there is even the opportunity for it to be a lucrative career choice. There are different types of photographer and photography career, from a wedding photographer to a photo booth operator! Some of which we’ve explored below.

Event Photographer – taking photos at an event, this can be anything from a gig to a sporting event to a corporate event, and money can be made by a contract or commission or through selling prints and digital files

Wedding photographer – everyone wants to remember their big day and wedding photographers have a lot of pressure in their job capturing things perfectly but at the same time have the chance to give someone memories that will last forever and show their children, and their children’s children

Product photographer – more products are released than ever before, and they need pictures for websites and catalogs and more. Money can be made ‘per item’ if you’re photographing for a catalog or a companies website or they may pay you a set fee.

Portrait photographer – taking pictures of people for profiles etc and this often incorporates families and more.

There are many jobs out there which allow you to be creatively free within the world of photography, and specializing in one area can really help your career.

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