Things to Take Macro Photographs Of

cat-1535160_1920We’re looking today at the things you can use in order to get started with macro photography. Macro is one of the most interesting ways to get an interesting effect and add something new to your flickr or instagram feed! It can be tough to think of things to take photographs of, so we’ve put together a list of things so that you can appreciate the little things, both literally and figuratively speaking!

Bugs – most of us have access to bugs and a quick look outside will quickly reveal some. They may not be the prettiest of things (depending on which bug) but they can create a striking image when taken super close up.

Plants and Flowers – probably one of the most interesting things to take photos of, you can see patterns and details in macro that you couldn’t dream of seeing on other styles of photography.

Mechanics and Electronics – of course, stay safe with this, but anything mechanical or electronic can look very cool with extreme close up photos which are then blown up, a part of a car or tyre for instance can show interesting patterns and textures.

Eyes – some of the most striking macro photos are of eyes, if you have a willing volunteer you can create some amazing pictures, the volunteer doesn’t have to be human either as you can get some amazing results from your pets depending which animals you have.

Macro photography is a great skill to learn and is worth experimenting with, so how better to explore than the above projects!

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