The Importance of an Organized Workflow

dslrA photography work flow is a start to finish arrangement of working with your pictures, from capture all the way through to storage and delivery. It is to help you through the progression between all of the steps utilized by photographer and has become a way to streamline and even standardise the process among larger companies.

An organized workflow is a massive time saver, and though you can create your own, you can save even more time by using one that has already been created and tested such as Featured Photog’s complete workflow.

The work process begins even inside of your camera, so your settings and how you take pictures will affect the process all the way along the line. For instance, on the assumption that you take pictures in RAW, your work process procedure will be somewhat more convoluted than if you somehow managed to shoot in JPEG. Why? The RAW format needs to be processed by software.

The workflow may also include things like storage. While your machine is busy sending out pictures out of your final product, it is the best time to begin your backup process. In the event that you have not been doing this kind of storage with your pictures, you should come up with a proper arrangement to back up and preserve all of your photos at the earliest opportunity. How great is your work if you have an accident with your hard drive and lose years worth of photos?! Things can even be stored in the cloud these days.

Having a workflow is so important, and should be a must for any photographer who wants to be taken seriously.

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