Bar and Bat Mitzvah Photography

mitzvahA Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a huge part of growing up, and something to be enjoyed just once. With anything that occurs just once, the photography is utterly vital. If you are hiring a Mitzvah photographer, you’re going to have to make sure you get the right one, and be sure that they are experienced and excel at taking photographs in this sort of setting. Many photographers specialize in the area and are great at capturing a special day.

There is normally a party, and lets face it that adds a great deal of pressure, but also loads of opportunities to get great shots of loved ones, and atmospheric photographs. A good photographer should be able to get photos both of the meal and party, and of any ceremony or certificates that are issued.

Different people celebrate this in different ways and family traditions and more come into play when it comes to a Bar Mitzvah or of course a Bat Mitzvah. It is important that a meeting should take place beforehand to work out exactly what the goal is for the photos, and that way any specific shots which are needed can be discussed and worked out beforehand, perhaps it is really important to get a big family shot, perhaps it is more important to those celebrating that lots of atmospheric shots of the day, the decorations and the party take place.

Some parties may even be aided by the addition of things such as props and photo booths, and depending on the family this might be something you want to introduce. Again, it is worth having the discussion as some families may not want to go this route, and opt for a more low-key or classy approach to their photographs.

Finding the right photographer for your event can be tough. A look at Bar-Bat Mitzvah Photographers Washington DC is not only a great option if you’re in or near America’s capital, but is also a great example of a portfolio which has portrait shots, atmospheric or candid shots, and lots of great images of parties and more. A photographer that has specialized in this area will know exactly what you’re looking for, and is familiar with the day and the way it tends to work, meaning they can plan and get the best results.

For the photographer, the usual shoot rules apply, it is important to ensure …

Connecting with Freelance Photographers

photographer-390527_640There are so many projects that require a photographer these days, and the fact is, with DSLRs more readily available than ever, there are more photographers on the market than ever. However, they’re not all of the same quality, and someone with years of experience may be harder to find among all the teenagers who got a DSLR last birthday and have set up a website! It is more important than ever to find freelance photographers who know what they’re doing. Fortunately, there are platforms available to source your photography. Freelance Photography is a great way to find someone with feedback, who you know will suit your own project and has a track record, whether you’re looking for a portrait or architectural photography.

The site also acts as a great way to find freelance photography jobs online, where photographers can make themselves available for the projects people are looking to find somebody to fill.

This is almost an ‘interview’ system, a way to best match the freelance photographer to the project, and it can even help the photographers themselves to specialize and earn their stripes in a certain form of photography. You can feel a lot more confident having done a bit of research and seen photography portfolios and ‘bids’ for your work to narrow it down, much better than sticking a pin in an advert or choosing a website at random! You can even find a videographer or a real specialist for tougher to fill vacancies for freelancers. Doing a bit of research can pay off in the long run.…

Featured: Mighty Quinn Photos

mightyquinnphotos: London Velodrome &emdash;
Today we’re featuring Mighty Quinn Photos, which you can check out for yourself at An exceptional selection of photos can be seen on his site. A sporting specialism is clear from the Gallery section of his site, which has sporting photos as well as lifestyle. A quick look shows that a wide variety of sports events have been excellently covered in numerous locations by

He shoots with Nikon cameras and relies on a fast shutter to capture all of that detail, which he does exceptionally in his cycling pictures. Of course, with things moving so quickly as a photographer you often don’t get a second chance in these types of settings.

The cycling photos taken in a huge amount of locations are all shot with excellent use of natural light to really capture the atmosphere of the events, often there are a lot of bright colors in these environments, which have been encapsulated without overdoing things.

Some of my favorite pictures on the site are from the London Velodrome, with the movement captured amazingly with some intentional blurring, to really get the feeling of speed caught up in the photo, impressive within quite a challenging indoor environment where light will have no doubt been a real challenge.

I’m a big fan of the pictures here, not just photography skills are on display but a real passion for sport which comes through in the work.…

James Kenney’s Stunning Images of Congo

james_kenney_2016_01When I saw James Kenney’s photograph selected to be included in Creative Quarterly, I decided to check out more of the series and his work at InterStitch. In this stunning series of images taken in the Congolese capital, Jim pushes the limits of color and makes some really interesting effects using RAW processing to accentuate the experience of the city’s density through its muted-yet-vital hues.

For this series he has bordered each photo to frame the considerations of composition, value, and chroma, asking the viewer reflect how it must be to live in a city of over 10 million people.
In a book entitled Searching for Hell, he even wrote a chapter about his time spent in the Congo, writing that in “Kinshasa, the air had mass. Walking under water. But the water was a red-dust dusky human smoke airpool. It had a pungent tang.”

The scenes do a great job of demonstrating the chaotic nature, poverty, and the illnesses which have struck the city through a surprisingly hopeful, feminine palette of tones. He explains that despite their hardship, local citizens have an incredible spirit for life, often expressed through their intriguing and bright clothing choices.

For the photo series, Jim braved the city’s most notorious hospital, which has widely been reported as a key source for the spread of H.I.V. throughout the world, and was one of the sites of the first known outbreak of the infectious disease, ebola. His images pull a sense of desperation from the viewer, while reflecting the reality of this beautiful country despite its tragic history and contemporary struggles.

Jim is widely known as a documentary filmmaker, but his skills span art, writing, and design. He told me that he likes to intersect elements that don’t seem possible to fit together, and to see what they can tell us about our lives. That is no simple task, but he was a professor of design. He also was chosen to complete an esteemed film laboratory course at the film giant, Pixar, where his first documentary was screened. And he worked for a number of years in the film capital of the world, Hollywood. He can even claim to fame that his work was once shown during the Academy Awards.…

Benefits of a Good Photographers Workflow

dslrPhotography isn’t as simple as picking up a camera and hitting shoot, even if some amateur wannabes seem to think it is! If you’re new to the world of photography or are aspiring to become a pro, then you might be starting to look at your workflow and whether there is anything you can do to stay organized. My tips below should help you to stay productive and get the most out of your shoots as well as keeping safe from losing photos due to silly reasons!

A standard photographers workflow will include the setup, capture, backup and editing of your images, as well as delivery. The tips below relate to those areas:

  • Keep things written out, whether they’re equipment lists, disc drives which will store your images, keeping written notes in a notebook or even having printouts can really help keep things clear.
  • Keep your computer organized. This can be really tough, especially if you have a lot happening on a day to day basis, but keeping your storage, backup and more organized, and have a proper naming system (for example, date, initials of client and location) will help ensure you never lose those all important images. It has the added benefit of keeping your computer running well.
  • Always keep a note of where you have backed up images, which hard drives they are on and if you have stored them elsewhere such as DVDs.

The above tips will see you well on the way to having a professional look to your photoshoots and photography business.…

Important Gear to Take for Shooting a Wedding

wedding-443600_640Photographing somebodies wedding is a massive thing to do. With just the single opportunity to get everything right, you need to be sure that you have all the correct gear. In any case, making sense of what you need can be really overwhelming and there are choices to make whether you’re a Wedding Photographer Manchester based or anywhere else in the world, so hopefully this will help.

Your camera gathering and lenses. Your preferred camera and all compatible lenses. Yes ALL of what you have, you never know what might come in handy.

You additionally require a backup camera. No excuses. On the off chance that you your primary camera should mess itself up on the day and you don’t have another camera you’ll be in charge of the loss of the most important day of someone’s life.

Your camera and your lenses are the most essential parts of your big day gear. Be that as it may, you need some accessories.

Accessories you should take include a flash, a tripod (this is an absolute must especially if shooting in low light) a diffuser, reflectors and of course your memory card, you need plenty of memory for as many photos as you could take.

Batteries: Make beyond any doubt you have a few batteries for your camera, there are really no excuses, so a set of fully charged batteries for your camera and flash gun are a must.

Each person and photographer will have special preferences for the hardware that they utilize but there are some absolute essentials which are simply essential, and you shouldn’t even think about doing the job without!…

Choosing a Wedding Photographer in Sydney

wedding-443600_640With regards to wedding photography in a big city such as Sydney, you are in all probability going to confront a variety of decisions. Every wedding photog will guarantee you pics that you will love for all of your life, yet tragically this is not the situation with every professional out there. Picking is difficult and you need to make a choice you aren’t going to lament later. Sadly, numerous individuals get themselves confused with the sheer number of wedding photography sydney based and just choose the first they see. Here are probably the most valuable tips that will help you to pick the right person for your extraordinary day.

The first and most imperative thing to do with regards to wedding photography is doing some exploration. You can begin perusing the reviews on websites or even classifieds or search what friends have done on their weddings. Visit the site of every potential and look at his or her portfolio to see if you like it.

You ought to set up meetings with every one of those you like to better decide the nature of their wedding photography and whether it is what you like. This is an ideal opportunity to have a good chat about everything from your venue to the style of your wedding and discover what they have at the top of the priority list.

With regards to wedding photography in Sydney, it is not as troublesome as a lot of people think to pick the right person. You should simply invest some energy and be thorough to make sure your photos come out well!…

Baby and Newborn Photography Tips and Tricks

baby-1Baby photography can bring a lot of surprises and fun, but it is certainly unpredictable, particularly if you don’t have kids yourself. I’ve written a rundown of photography tips that have helped me and I am certain will be useful for anybody intrigued and wanting to get more into baby photography. There are some wonderful examples online for anyone wanting visual inspiration too.

It is a positive thought to have a few planned out shots and poses as a top priority before you touch base at the session. Be that as it may, giving the shoot a chance to just progress naturally can be where you get the best shots, I trust the best pictures to be spontaneous and motivated by the individuality of every child, baby and newborn I come across.

Give them a chance to move around, crawl if they can, yawn etc. Babies have awesome, impeccable, sweet developments, don’t push too hard for having the ideal posture in each pic.

Beside your poses and a couple of more natural shots, the other huge “to do” in my shot rundown is close up and macro. I want to catch close-ups of the toes, little bits of hair, cute lips, and ears, and all the other little details, these are often the favorites! These shots are delightful as well as they are extraordinary going with pictures for collections and albums and make the parents delighted when they see.

It is all about taking care and giving amazing examples of baby photographs for the parents, who will love you for it!…

Types of Photography Career

wedding-443600_640Lots of people want to be a photographer in this day and age, and it is a great job, you get to be creative and give people something they will treasure and keep forever. Photographers have a great job and there is even the opportunity for it to be a lucrative career choice. There are different types of photographer and photography career, from a wedding photographer to a photo booth operator! Some of which we’ve explored below.

Event Photographer – taking photos at an event, this can be anything from a gig to a sporting event to a corporate event, and money can be made by a contract or commission or through selling prints and digital files

Wedding photographer – everyone wants to remember their big day and wedding photographers have a lot of pressure in their job capturing things perfectly but at the same time have the chance to give someone memories that will last forever and show their children, and their children’s children

Product photographer – more products are released than ever before, and they need pictures for websites and catalogs and more. Money can be made ‘per item’ if you’re photographing for a catalog or a companies website or they may pay you a set fee.

Portrait photographer – taking pictures of people for profiles etc and this often incorporates families and more.

There are many jobs out there which allow you to be creatively free within the world of photography, and specializing in one area can really help your career.…

Buying a Photo Booth? Reasons You Should Consider One as a Photographer

New_year_photo_booth_partyWhen I say photo booth, you might think of an old fair ground style attraction or even a functional booth for use taking your passport pictures, but that isn’t the only definition of photo booth in the modern day and age, and nowadays, even the best photographers are taking them with them on their shoots to embrace the fun of a booth!

For an event such as a wedding or a prom, when everyone is in high spirits and having a good laugh, the idea to purchase a photo booth can be an amazing way to not only give guests something to keep afterwards, but it is arguably the most fun way to have pictures taken and the instant nature of seeing the pictures is really appealing to both kids and adults. Props can even be brought in order to make it even more fun or further theme it towards your event.

If you’re a photographer, this can be an amazing way to make a bit of extra money too or just make sure you offer even more awesome photos of the events you take pictures at, and is suitable for wedding photographers or other event photographers. These can even be a business in their own right as people are starting to look to hire them independently with their wedding packages.

Photo booths are so much fun, and can be a good way to keep the kids happy during the event or let people take some of their own hilarious, romantic and fun pictures.…