Make Money from Your Photography with a Wallpaper Site

wallpaperThe internet has provided a way for people to make money in non conventional ways from their art and photography. If you are a photographer in the modern age, you may have to be inventive to make a living, more people than ever have a DSLR and more people than ever are advertising their services as photographers.

For those who are trying to maximize the different ways their photographs can create an income for them, many have looked at creating wallpaper websites in order to make money from advertising revenue.

The process to do this has been made pretty simple, you can even download a wordpress theme and plugin such as PlixPress which turns any wordpress site into an easy to run wallpaper site. The basic business model here is that people searching for a wallpaper of, for example, a city skyline, can find one on the site you create and optimize for search engines or promote on twitter etc. and then visit your site to download it. You can sell them, but so many are available for free that a better model is to make money on your site via adverts.

If you take amazing or particularly topical images and make them available as wallpapers then there is even the potential to go viral and this can lead to a huge amount of traffic. An app like PlixPress means you don’t have to be a superstar web developer to run a wallpaper site and get started on the road to making money.

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