Getting Product Photography Right to Sell on Kraftly

5512646905_5c7c658b67_oKraftly is an exciting new marketplace for selling products and gifts, especially those relating to crafts of some description. For those of us who are crafty in nature, it provides an amazing opportunity to make an income selling unique gifts online, but if it doesn’t look good, nobody is going to want to buy from you, and will likely get their products from somewhere else. Your photos are your shop window, here are some tips to get them right.

For most product photos you will need a spotless white backdrop that makes it show as though it is floating with no other items in the product drawing attention away. For a background, you can buy a screen or even simply get a vast A2 white sheet of paper from the store or online, ensure it is curved for best results, folds will show on the photos.

Regardless of the fact that you have a white background, it’s conceivable that light from an adjacent colored wall or something else in the room could be reflected onto your thing. Consequently, it’s best to be in a totally white room, not easy for all of us.

Utilizing just the light incorporated with your camera (the one that pops out at the top) is likely the most widely seen reason for awful photography, product photography is no different.

We realize that at to start with, item photography can be troublesome and getting it right is tough, but spending the time to perfect it can pay off big style.

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