Get the Most Out of Your GoPro Videos

collapsev15small_copy_2GoPros are all the rage, and the company has grown at a rapid speed in recent years, and more and more people are finding new and inventive ways to get the most out of their GoPro camera and use it in all sorts of different settings and circumstances. There are an increasing number of clever accessories out there and a quick look on Youtube for GoPro videos will probably leave you very inspired as people do everything from wearing them in their helmet to filming sports they’re participating in and more.

GoPro’s are powerful cameras capable of shooting 4k and when accompanied with the right accessory can add high production value to your videos. The fact is that you can make your videos a lot better with a few simple additions to your kit bag, one of these being the MicroJib. The MicroJib (which has recently been superseded by the MicroJib 2) is designed to allow you to rotate your GoPro 360º while filming in either Pan or Tilt mode. It is fully extendable from 16.5″ to 33.5 and gives some amazing results in terms of the panning and tilting features and gives a very smooth finish to the videos. It also has an XL alternative. This is a piece of videography equipment which if you don’t have it can leave you restricted. In terms of GoPro accessories it is up there with the best and you can even get it shipped for free in the US.

Check out their website for some very cool animated homepage images and more info about the MicroJib and other products.

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