Featured Photographer: Tobiah Tayo

When you’re looking for someone to photograph what is possibly the most important day of your life, you want your memories to be captured, but not only this, you want somebody who understands the importance and beauty of the day at the helm. Tobiah Tayo photography are a husband and wife team, which for a wedding photographer, is surely the perfect formula! We’re reviewing their portfolio here on the site today.

Based in Manchester, the two insist on working together on the wedding to ensure the utmost in quality, and it really shows in their portfolio, with a wide range of photos both atmospheric and posed, in a wide range of styles, showing the versatility as well as quality the two have to offer.

Their ‘FAQ’ section of the site discusses the fact that they normally deliver over 750 photos from the average wedding, and that they can be made available on a disc, which is great for family and friends and is more images than you’re likely to need! They also provide a beautiful range of prints.

Some of the beautiful examples of black and white photography on their site are particularly pleasing, but there are great examples of every different type of wedding shot including the bridal preparations and of course the partying after the ‘I do’s’

It is clear from their website how much care and attention they give to their clients and this must surely make them an option when looking for a wedding photographer Manchester or Cheshire-wide.

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