Featured: Mighty Quinn Photos

mightyquinnphotos: London Velodrome &emdash;
Today we’re featuring Mighty Quinn Photos, which you can check out for yourself at mightyquinnphotos.com. An exceptional selection of photos can be seen on his site. A sporting specialism is clear from the Gallery section of his site, which has sporting photos as well as lifestyle. A quick look shows that a wide variety of sports events have been excellently covered in numerous locations by mightyquinnphotos.com.

He shoots with Nikon cameras and relies on a fast shutter to capture all of that detail, which he does exceptionally in his cycling pictures. Of course, with things moving so quickly as a photographer you often don’t get a second chance in these types of settings.

The cycling photos taken in a huge amount of locations are all shot with excellent use of natural light to really capture the atmosphere of the events, often there are a lot of bright colors in these environments, which have been encapsulated without overdoing things.

Some of my favorite pictures on the site are from the London Velodrome, with the movement captured amazingly with some intentional blurring, to really get the feeling of speed caught up in the photo, impressive within quite a challenging indoor environment where light will have no doubt been a real challenge.

I’m a big fan of the pictures here, not just photography skills are on display but a real passion for sport which comes through in the work.

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