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Important Gear to Take for Shooting a Wedding

wedding-443600_640Photographing somebodies wedding is a massive thing to do. With just the single opportunity to get everything right, you need to be sure that you have all the correct gear. In any case, making sense of what you need can be really overwhelming and there are choices to make whether you’re a Wedding Photographer Manchester based or anywhere else in the world, so hopefully this will help.

Your camera gathering and lenses. Your preferred camera and all compatible lenses. Yes ALL of what you have, you never know what might come in handy.

You additionally require a backup camera. No excuses. On the off chance that you your primary camera should mess itself up on the day and you don’t have another camera you’ll be in charge of the loss of the most important day of someone’s life.

Your camera and your lenses are the most essential parts of your big day gear. Be that as it may, you need some accessories.

Accessories you should take include a flash, a tripod (this is an absolute must especially if shooting in low light) a diffuser, reflectors and of course your memory card, you need plenty of memory for as many photos as you could take.

Batteries: Make beyond any doubt you have a few batteries for your camera, there are really no excuses, so a set of fully charged batteries for your camera and flash gun are a must.

Each person and photographer will have special preferences for the hardware that they utilize but there are some absolute essentials which are simply essential, and you shouldn’t even think about doing the job without!…

Choosing a Wedding Photographer in Sydney

wedding-443600_640With regards to wedding photography in a big city such as Sydney, you are in all probability going to confront a variety of decisions. Every wedding photog will guarantee you pics that you will love for all of your life, yet tragically this is not the situation with every professional out there. Picking is difficult and you need to make a choice you aren’t going to lament later. Sadly, numerous individuals get themselves confused with the sheer number of wedding photography sydney based and just choose the first they see. Here are probably the most valuable tips that will help you to pick the right person for your extraordinary day.

The first and most imperative thing to do with regards to wedding photography is doing some exploration. You can begin perusing the reviews on websites or even classifieds or search what friends have done on their weddings. Visit the site of every potential and look at his or her portfolio to see if you like it.

You ought to set up meetings with every one of those you like to better decide the nature of their wedding photography and whether it is what you like. This is an ideal opportunity to have a good chat about everything from your venue to the style of your wedding and discover what they have at the top of the priority list.

With regards to wedding photography in Sydney, it is not as troublesome as a lot of people think to pick the right person. You should simply invest some energy and be thorough to make sure your photos come out well!…

Types of Photography Career

wedding-443600_640Lots of people want to be a photographer in this day and age, and it is a great job, you get to be creative and give people something they will treasure and keep forever. Photographers have a great job and there is even the opportunity for it to be a lucrative career choice. There are different types of photographer and photography career, from a wedding photographer to a photo booth operator! Some of which we’ve explored below.

Event Photographer – taking photos at an event, this can be anything from a gig to a sporting event to a corporate event, and money can be made by a contract or commission or through selling prints and digital files

Wedding photographer – everyone wants to remember their big day and wedding photographers have a lot of pressure in their job capturing things perfectly but at the same time have the chance to give someone memories that will last forever and show their children, and their children’s children

Product photographer – more products are released than ever before, and they need pictures for websites and catalogs and more. Money can be made ‘per item’ if you’re photographing for a catalog or a companies website or they may pay you a set fee.

Portrait photographer – taking pictures of people for profiles etc and this often incorporates families and more.

There are many jobs out there which allow you to be creatively free within the world of photography, and specializing in one area can really help your career.…

Buying a Photo Booth? Reasons You Should Consider One as a Photographer

New_year_photo_booth_partyWhen I say photo booth, you might think of an old fair ground style attraction or even a functional booth for use taking your passport pictures, but that isn’t the only definition of photo booth in the modern day and age, and nowadays, even the best photographers are taking them with them on their shoots to embrace the fun of a booth!

For an event such as a wedding or a prom, when everyone is in high spirits and having a good laugh, the idea to purchase a photo booth can be an amazing way to not only give guests something to keep afterwards, but it is arguably the most fun way to have pictures taken and the instant nature of seeing the pictures is really appealing to both kids and adults. Props can even be brought in order to make it even more fun or further theme it towards your event.

If you’re a photographer, this can be an amazing way to make a bit of extra money too or just make sure you offer even more awesome photos of the events you take pictures at, and is suitable for wedding photographers or other event photographers. These can even be a business in their own right as people are starting to look to hire them independently with their wedding packages.

Photo booths are so much fun, and can be a good way to keep the kids happy during the event or let people take some of their own hilarious, romantic and fun pictures.…

Mistakes to Avoid When it Comes to Wedding Photography!

wedding-443600_640Shooting a wedding is one of the hardest assignments that a photographer can tackle, there are loads of potential issues and the risk is high when you know that it is such a vital day and one the clients want to remember forever. It’s imperative to be sensible about your abilities and experience before you get started on shooting a wedding – particularly in the event that you are being paid as a wedding photographer.

Be straightforward about your abilities, whether you need a second photographer and show examples of what you can do so you know you’re on the same page with the happy couple.

It is truly totally essential that you know your gear back to front and are certain about utilizing it. A wedding is not an ideal opportunity to attempt something for the first time or to experiment, you need tried and tested.

The white dress is a standout amongst the most vital parts of weddings and it can be a genuine pain to photo effectively due to the amount of white. Each wedding photog’s most awful bad dream is overexposing it so it’s transformed into a mass of sharp white with no details left to look at, and the bride will not enjoy it, however the underexposure makes it look dirty and dark, in general it is better to underexpose slightly than over, as it can be fixed post production.

There are some excellent examples of wedding photography out there. Wiltshire Wedding Photographer Ben Cremin has an impressive portfolio of shots of what you should do when shooting a wedding, and it is worth checking out examples of this kind of work before you get started.…

Featured Photographer: Tobiah Tayo

When you’re looking for someone to photograph what is possibly the most important day of your life, you want your memories to be captured, but not only this, you want somebody who understands the importance and beauty of the day at the helm. Tobiah Tayo photography are a husband and wife team, which for a wedding photographer, is surely the perfect formula! We’re reviewing their portfolio here on the site today.

Based in Manchester, the two insist on working together on the wedding to ensure the utmost in quality, and it really shows in their portfolio, with a wide range of photos both atmospheric and posed, in a wide range of styles, showing the versatility as well as quality the two have to offer.

Their ‘FAQ’ section of the site discusses the fact that they normally deliver over 750 photos from the average wedding, and that they can be made available on a disc, which is great for family and friends and is more images than you’re likely to need! They also provide a beautiful range of prints.

Some of the beautiful examples of black and white photography on their site are particularly pleasing, but there are great examples of every different type of wedding shot including the bridal preparations and of course the partying after the ‘I do’s’

It is clear from their website how much care and attention they give to their clients and this must surely make them an option when looking for a wedding photographer Manchester or Cheshire-wide.…

Wedding Photography Tips part 2, Use of Techniques

wedding-443600_640Hopefully if you have found part two of our wedding photography tips, then you have already seen part one. That was all about the preparation and how to use extra equipment in order to create the best experience possible for the happy couples and guests, and also give them the best end product. Today we move on to a more technical side, and some quick and easy things that will really boost what you are trying to achieve.

Firstly, and maybe obviously, turn off any sound on your camera. Emotional moments at wedding like the signing of the register, vows and kiss are shrouded in silence. Don mess them up with clicks and bleeps. Turn it off upon arrival and keep it that way.

Use of light is key, and you need experience or at very least a basic understanding of of it for good wedding photography. Most traditional style churches have very low light, so consider how you are going to bounce light off surfaces. Do you need a diffuser, is it a coloured surface your bouncing it off. By combining this with the preparation work we described in part one, scouting the venue, you can get the best possible results.

The intimate shots we see and love in magazines can be the real big hits. A ring lying on a table, a champagne glass, a table piece. Snap everything, the smaller the details the better. They can be real hits and make the couples day. They are also perfect to use in a collage or your own portfolio.

In the spirit of capturing the unusual an intimate, consider switching to continuous shooting mode. Getting a lot of shots fast can really pick out the little emotions. It also helps just after posed shots, as once everyone is relaxed thinking the camera is not still going, can lead to capturing some truly beautiful moments.

Hopefully we have given you a brief insight into the basic tricks to achieve great wedding photography. We intend to do a third part advising on some of the more advanced techniques, but for now we hope this can be a big help. Keep looking for more articles just like this one.…

Wedding Photography Tips Part One: Perpetration is Key

wedding-443600_640We have eluded briefly in previous articles about why we believe wedding photography is so rewarding, and how it attracts so many of the casual, and full time members of the photographic community. Today we are going to offer you a few quick tips if you are yet to tale your hobby to the next level. Maybe you just like going out with your camera on the weekend, yet have attracted attention because of it. They saw your lovely country landscape shots and now want you to take pictures of the biggest day of their life. It’s OK is here to get your through.

Forward planning is one of the biggest and best tips we can offer. Get together with the couple and create a list of shot types they would like, even if its just a rough draft. Also make sure it includes exactly who they want in each one. Have a full and comprehensive list of every family member and friend they want, and al the different combinations. This way nobody gets missed out.

As part of the forward planning scouting out the venue in advance is also a huge bonus. This will help when suggesting the more abstract shot types, and quirky little intimate photos you see so often in those wedding magazines. It may not be something the top end pro’s do but I find it very handy.

Obviously in the mood of forward planning your own equipment needs to be maintained and ready to go. Fully charge battery packs, keep your memory cards free and clear and be prepared for all eventualities. Have back up plans and alternatives in case of rain, or any other unforeseen event.

When making your lost consider getting a second camera. This means you can set each one up in two different ways. We usually go for one with a narrow lens and another with a wide angle lens. With this though comes the need for extra battery packs, but the versatility and speed it will offer you cannot be understated.

You may also consider taking a computer or projector along with you to the event. This is simply to further your own exposure, and to give a fun aspect to the day. You can display your previous shots form the day as a slide show, and let the guests see exactly what is going on. The exposure it …

Wedding Photography in Review: Part One


img src = brings you another look into some great wedding photography. We at Zanadu aim to make you as confident as possible when pursuing your love of photography, and hope that these reviews will bestow years of experience on you, in a relatively short amount of time. Being able to get experience of different photographs and situation can be hard to achieve on your own, and using our review will definitely get you ahead of the game. This time we look at a photo containing the bride and the groom.

The first thing we should reveal about our choice to look at this picture is that unlike our last review, it is very deliberately staged. Taking a staged photo offers a huge element of control over many things, but still requires careful planning to get it right.

The bride and groom quite clearly got married in this very specific venue, with a lovely outdoor area. The statue of cupid is a great touch. The photographer has used it in a bold way, choosing to separate bride from groom here. This is so the statue can stand between them, symbolizing the love they have for each other. Yes having a literal statue of the god of love may be a bit much for some, but it is done delightfully, and obviously makes the couple very happy. After all that is all that matters.

Although the groom is clearly there, the focus is on the foreground and the beautiful bride. A cute smile and an almost wistful look over her shoulder back at the an she will spend the rest of her life with. He is leaning on the cupid statue, as if waiting for her. With the rest of their lives ahead and a strong bond of love.

The looking away form the camera or over a distance at their new spouse is a great technique to use in wedding photography, but as always judgement is key. With scenery or other things that need focus it can be fantastic, but would also not suit a photo that need to be up close and personal capturing minute details and emotions.

Wedding photography is not easy, and we’re hoping that by breaking down some of the photographs we have found out and about we can bring inspiration and information to budding photographers everywhere.…