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Buying a Photo Booth? Reasons You Should Consider One as a Photographer

New_year_photo_booth_partyWhen I say photo booth, you might think of an old fair ground style attraction or even a functional booth for use taking your passport pictures, but that isn’t the only definition of photo booth in the modern day and age, and nowadays, even the best photographers are taking them with them on their shoots to embrace the fun of a booth!

For an event such as a wedding or a prom, when everyone is in high spirits and having a good laugh, the idea to purchase a photo booth can be an amazing way to not only give guests something to keep afterwards, but it is arguably the most fun way to have pictures taken and the instant nature of seeing the pictures is really appealing to both kids and adults. Props can even be brought in order to make it even more fun or further theme it towards your event.

If you’re a photographer, this can be an amazing way to make a bit of extra money too or just make sure you offer even more awesome photos of the events you take pictures at, and is suitable for wedding photographers or other event photographers. These can even be a business in their own right as people are starting to look to hire them independently with their wedding packages.

Photo booths are so much fun, and can be a good way to keep the kids happy during the event or let people take some of their own hilarious, romantic and fun pictures.…

Mistakes to Avoid When it Comes to Wedding Photography!

wedding-443600_640Shooting a wedding is one of the hardest assignments that a photographer can tackle, there are loads of potential issues and the risk is high when you know that it is such a vital day and one the clients want to remember forever. It’s imperative to be sensible about your abilities and experience before you get started on shooting a wedding – particularly in the event that you are being paid as a wedding photographer.

Be straightforward about your abilities, whether you need a second photographer and show examples of what you can do so you know you’re on the same page with the happy couple.

It is truly totally essential that you know your gear back to front and are certain about utilizing it. A wedding is not an ideal opportunity to attempt something for the first time or to experiment, you need tried and tested.

The white dress is a standout amongst the most vital parts of weddings and it can be a genuine pain to photo effectively due to the amount of white. Each wedding photog’s most awful bad dream is overexposing it so it’s transformed into a mass of sharp white with no details left to look at, and the bride will not enjoy it, however the underexposure makes it look dirty and dark, in general it is better to underexpose slightly than over, as it can be fixed post production.

There are some excellent examples of wedding photography out there. Wiltshire Wedding Photographer Ben Cremin has an impressive portfolio of shots of what you should do when shooting a wedding, and it is worth checking out examples of this kind of work before you get started.…

Featured Photographer: Tobiah Tayo

When you’re looking for someone to photograph what is possibly the most important day of your life, you want your memories to be captured, but not only this, you want somebody who understands the importance and beauty of the day at the helm. Tobiah Tayo photography are a husband and wife team, which for a wedding photographer, is surely the perfect formula! We’re reviewing their portfolio here on the site today.

Based in Manchester, the two insist on working together on the wedding to ensure the utmost in quality, and it really shows in their portfolio, with a wide range of photos both atmospheric and posed, in a wide range of styles, showing the versatility as well as quality the two have to offer.

Their ‘FAQ’ section of the site discusses the fact that they normally deliver over 750 photos from the average wedding, and that they can be made available on a disc, which is great for family and friends and is more images than you’re likely to need! They also provide a beautiful range of prints.

Some of the beautiful examples of black and white photography on their site are particularly pleasing, but there are great examples of every different type of wedding shot including the bridal preparations and of course the partying after the ‘I do’s’

It is clear from their website how much care and attention they give to their clients and this must surely make them an option when looking for a wedding photographer Manchester or Cheshire-wide.…

Featured: Stephen Dent Photography

stephen_dentAs the tagline in his site says, this man really is making a ‘dent’ in photography. He’s been photographing since the 80s and working in Southern California as a photographer since 2001, achieving a lifelong ambition.

Stephens work includes a wide variety of styles, he is remarkably flexible and as his portfolio shows, adept in a huge amount of styles and photographing a huge amount of occasions.

  • Family and groups of friends
  • Weddings
  • Birthdays and parties
  • High School Events
  • Quinceaneras
  • And much more…

A look through the ‘gallery’ area of Stephens website (found at shows images in black and white and color and some quirky wedding and event photography which really shows personality and a sense of humor. Stephen is an experienced photographer and it shows through his work, with the kind of photos you only get by making your subjects totally at ease, the hallmark of any good professional!

Stephen’s family are immensely photographic and his wife and even children are known to take a lot of snaps themselves! Someone who truly is obsessed with his craft, in the best way possible, and committed to getting results.

Once you’ve had a look through his gallery you can get in touch with Stephen via his website for a wide variety of purposes (even video services) – he can also be reached via LinkedIn and Facebook and more photos can be seen on his social networks. A great example of a pro who is accommodating and provides great results presented in beautiful ways.…

The Importance of an Organized Workflow

dslrA photography work flow is a start to finish arrangement of working with your pictures, from capture all the way through to storage and delivery. It is to help you through the progression between all of the steps utilized by photographer and has become a way to streamline and even standardise the process among larger companies.

An organized workflow is a massive time saver, and though you can create your own, you can save even more time by using one that has already been created and tested such as Featured Photog’s complete workflow.

The work process begins even inside of your camera, so your settings and how you take pictures will affect the process all the way along the line. For instance, on the assumption that you take pictures in RAW, your work process procedure will be somewhat more convoluted than if you somehow managed to shoot in JPEG. Why? The RAW format needs to be processed by software.

The workflow may also include things like storage. While your machine is busy sending out pictures out of your final product, it is the best time to begin your backup process. In the event that you have not been doing this kind of storage with your pictures, you should come up with a proper arrangement to back up and preserve all of your photos at the earliest opportunity. How great is your work if you have an accident with your hard drive and lose years worth of photos?! Things can even be stored in the cloud these days.

Having a workflow is so important, and should be a must for any photographer who wants to be taken seriously.…

David Bailey in Profile: Biography Series

baileyphotoDavid Bailey is perhaps one of the worlds most famous living photographers. His work on portraits and fashion are hugely famous and revered within the community. He has taken pictures of some of the biggest names in the celebrity and fashion world.

He was born on the second of January 1938, in the east end of London. It was during the height of the second world war and particularly the blitz, and these experiences shaped him as he revealed later in life.

He had learning difficulties and really struggled at school. Back then nobody recognised his obvious dyslexia, developing a more creative mind. He developed a love for natural history that started leading him down the path towards photography. He is said to have only attended school thirty three times one year, and left once he was 15 to pursue his other interests. He became a copy boy on fleet street, and had several other jobs that lead to nothing.

He was called to serve his national service in 1956 and joined the Royal Air force in Singapore. Needing a  way to channel his creativity he purchased a rolleiflex camera. By 1958 his passion was ignited and went after it with both hands. He bought a Canon rangefinder and began to work his way up within the business starting off at the very bottom. He struggled to attend college due to his poor academic record, so it was Baileys only option.

In 1959 he became an assistant at the John French Studio, before becoming a primary photographer in his own right. His big break came when fashion magazine Vogue contracted him to work with them. Bailey thrived during the swinging 60’s in his home of London, and he photographed some of the biggest names of the time such as Mick Jagger, The infamous Kray Twins, The Beatles and many many more.

As his meteoric rise gathered pace, he shot to the top of vogue. Soon shooting cover photos and in one year contributing over 80 pages to the editorial. Models worshipped him for his talent, and his good looks, becoming  the biggest name at the magazine. He had many interesting and infamous pieces of work with rock star Alice Cooper, especially the controversial “Billion Dollars Babies” album cover.

Fame, infamy and endless talent all merge together to crate the perfect recipe for the modern day photographic legend. David Bailey was …