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Different Types of Camera and Their Uses

broadcastOne might be forgiven for thinking that a camera is a camera, and that they all do more or less the same job. Obviously, we all know the difference between a stills camera and a video camera, but are there really that many variations besides? In this article, we look at some of the different types of camera and their uses. Though there are other types out there, we are looking at those used for professional photo shoots, video broadcasting, filming and more. In other words, ignoring things like security cameras.

“Point and Shoot” cameras – these are the simple, one lens cameras which can very simply be picked up and used on an automatic setting to grab quick snapshots. The camera that is on your phone is likely to be a ‘point and shoot’ style. Not the most professional, but a great way for us all to have a camera on us at all times.

DSLR – this stands for digital single lens reflex and what it means is that you can change the lenses. These tend to be stills cameras with video capability. They’re what a lot of professional wedding photographers, landscape photographers and portrait photographers use in order to have control over the lenses they’re using and therefore the style of photos taken.

Handheld video camera – aimed at the consumer electronics niche with a lot of people having one at home somewhere. The quality of these is getting a lot better but they’re still mainly for student projects, learning the basics of video and making your own holiday or family videos. They’re held in the hand and often have a strap which ties around the palm for a bit of added stability.

Broadcast and Cinematic video cameras – if you want to buy professional camera equipment then a cinematic or broadcast camera is the way to go. They can be bought both new and used and though these are among the more expensive types of camera, if you’re running a professional operation then these are probably the cameras you’re going to need. Everything from sports broadcasting to news channels and even music videos can be made with professional broadcast quality cameras.

Mirrorless Cameras – These have become very popular in recent years, and are very similar to DSLR cameras, with the difference of being smaller and more compact, more lightweight and even cheaper in many instances, …

Finding Free to Edit Images Online

People need images for a whole plethora of reasons, the world is more visual than ever and we spend so much of our life looking at screens that images are vitally important to the way we live. If you’re a content producer or someone who runs a website or a business which needs images, or you just want images to practice your editing skills or create your own graphics, finding images can quickly become costly. Stock photography is an industry where the costs can become astronomical, and a lot of companies that offer stock photos are aimed at huge print organizations rather than mom and pop businesses or bloggers.

If you search google for images, there is a section within the ‘tools’ area that lets you search for royalty free images and the different types of licences such as creative commons, and whether you can use them commercially or not. This is great as a resource for finding images from a variety of sources, but also can become a bit difficult as there is no real quality control and some of the images made available for free don’t tend to be the best quality.

Somewhere that this isn’t an issue is Walkersnaps, where a lifetimes work is available for use with free to edit images available for a simple $1 donation to an amazing cause. Sadly, the founder of the site was diagnosed with a degenerative brain condition and the idea behind the site is to raise money to help with this, along with fulfilling the dream to create and share images. The fee is very reasonable and the fact is that there is a huge amount of images with a lot of different categories to choose from means that you get a huge amount for your money. The website states “You can use my products to create your own personal memories or to create ad copy for commercial use or to create artwork for sale or for whatever purpose you want.” so you don’t need to worry even if you are planning to create images for resale. A lot of creative commons licences are a bit of a tough thing to navigate here when you are not allowed to edit the images or you’re not allowed to create anything made for profit. Using a site like Walkersnaps means you can avoid the need for this.

Another site of a …

How to Use Drones for Photography

drone-784310_640Drones, sometimes known as quadcopters, have become very popular in recent years as people start to embrace the new technology and realise that as well as being a lot of fun, they’re also very useful for a lot of different aspects of life, one of which being photography, drones let us reach heights that we couldn’t otherwise and many have remotes to control cameras and get a unique vantage point over your competitors.

As well as taking stills, drones can be great for video and provide some really impressive shots for making films both amateur and professional, and the footage and photos which come from these cameras have really begun to impress people as being pro standard.

Sources such as ProPhotoUAV can be a great place to get your grounding in the world of drone photography and begin go learn about which models are best. A quick youtube search for drone footage shows some of the amazing features on offer, and there is a video on ProPhotoUAV with some incredible views provided by shooting footage from a drone.

You can use your drone to take photos of buildings from a high vantage point, take footage of your friends from above, get amazing views of local sports matches and much more, just be careful that you have permission where you are shooting.

The world of photography is changing without a doubt and using drones to take photos is one of the many ways in which it is becoming more exciting and accessible.…

Things to Take Macro Photographs Of

cat-1535160_1920We’re looking today at the things you can use in order to get started with macro photography. Macro is one of the most interesting ways to get an interesting effect and add something new to your flickr or instagram feed! It can be tough to think of things to take photographs of, so we’ve put together a list of things so that you can appreciate the little things, both literally and figuratively speaking!

Bugs – most of us have access to bugs and a quick look outside will quickly reveal some. They may not be the prettiest of things (depending on which bug) but they can create a striking image when taken super close up.

Plants and Flowers – probably one of the most interesting things to take photos of, you can see patterns and details in macro that you couldn’t dream of seeing on other styles of photography.

Mechanics and Electronics – of course, stay safe with this, but anything mechanical or electronic can look very cool with extreme close up photos which are then blown up, a part of a car or tyre for instance can show interesting patterns and textures.

Eyes – some of the most striking macro photos are of eyes, if you have a willing volunteer you can create some amazing pictures, the volunteer doesn’t have to be human either as you can get some amazing results from your pets depending which animals you have.

Macro photography is a great skill to learn and is worth experimenting with, so how better to explore than the above projects!…

Gifting a DSLR for Christmas!

dslrChristmas is a wonderful time for photography, the rich textures and colors in the cities and in the countryside, especially if you live in an area with snow and foliage, plus of course it is a time when people get together. As well as being a top time for taking pictures, it can be a great time for photographers too as photography equipment makes an amazing and lasting gift for the creatives in your life, and items you may not splash out on throughout the year may be given as gifts.

With so many DSLR options on the market, it is important that you try and find the best option to give as a gift. Spending the most you can afford doesn’t automatically guarantee the best, and reading DSLR Camera Reviews for christmas can be very helpful to ensure you’ve got the best. Try to find out if the person you’re buying for has a preference as to brand, as some accessories can’t be used across different brands.

If you’re buying somebody their first DSLR, keeping it relatively simple might be a good option, the more lenses and accessories you buy may be better, but by the same token it can make things really confusing, especially if someone is just starting to learn how to take pictures. A look at what other people have said on reviews will show you how easy it is to pick up and use, and you can even test some models in stores.

There are some good options available on a budget now too, and you don’t have to spend the earth to get a great DSLR camera to give to a loved one this christmas.…

Types of Photography Career

wedding-443600_640Lots of people want to be a photographer in this day and age, and it is a great job, you get to be creative and give people something they will treasure and keep forever. Photographers have a great job and there is even the opportunity for it to be a lucrative career choice. There are different types of photographer and photography career, from a wedding photographer to a photo booth operator! Some of which we’ve explored below.

Event Photographer – taking photos at an event, this can be anything from a gig to a sporting event to a corporate event, and money can be made by a contract or commission or through selling prints and digital files

Wedding photographer – everyone wants to remember their big day and wedding photographers have a lot of pressure in their job capturing things perfectly but at the same time have the chance to give someone memories that will last forever and show their children, and their children’s children

Product photographer – more products are released than ever before, and they need pictures for websites and catalogs and more. Money can be made ‘per item’ if you’re photographing for a catalog or a companies website or they may pay you a set fee.

Portrait photographer – taking pictures of people for profiles etc and this often incorporates families and more.

There are many jobs out there which allow you to be creatively free within the world of photography, and specializing in one area can really help your career.…

Buying a Photo Booth? Reasons You Should Consider One as a Photographer

New_year_photo_booth_partyWhen I say photo booth, you might think of an old fair ground style attraction or even a functional booth for use taking your passport pictures, but that isn’t the only definition of photo booth in the modern day and age, and nowadays, even the best photographers are taking them with them on their shoots to embrace the fun of a booth!

For an event such as a wedding or a prom, when everyone is in high spirits and having a good laugh, the idea to purchase a photo booth can be an amazing way to not only give guests something to keep afterwards, but it is arguably the most fun way to have pictures taken and the instant nature of seeing the pictures is really appealing to both kids and adults. Props can even be brought in order to make it even more fun or further theme it towards your event.

If you’re a photographer, this can be an amazing way to make a bit of extra money too or just make sure you offer even more awesome photos of the events you take pictures at, and is suitable for wedding photographers or other event photographers. These can even be a business in their own right as people are starting to look to hire them independently with their wedding packages.

Photo booths are so much fun, and can be a good way to keep the kids happy during the event or let people take some of their own hilarious, romantic and fun pictures.…

Mistakes to Avoid When it Comes to Wedding Photography!

wedding-443600_640Shooting a wedding is one of the hardest assignments that a photographer can tackle, there are loads of potential issues and the risk is high when you know that it is such a vital day and one the clients want to remember forever. It’s imperative to be sensible about your abilities and experience before you get started on shooting a wedding – particularly in the event that you are being paid as a wedding photographer.

Be straightforward about your abilities, whether you need a second photographer and show examples of what you can do so you know you’re on the same page with the happy couple.

It is truly totally essential that you know your gear back to front and are certain about utilizing it. A wedding is not an ideal opportunity to attempt something for the first time or to experiment, you need tried and tested.

The white dress is a standout amongst the most vital parts of weddings and it can be a genuine pain to photo effectively due to the amount of white. Each wedding photog’s most awful bad dream is overexposing it so it’s transformed into a mass of sharp white with no details left to look at, and the bride will not enjoy it, however the underexposure makes it look dirty and dark, in general it is better to underexpose slightly than over, as it can be fixed post production.

There are some excellent examples of wedding photography out there. Wiltshire Wedding Photographer Ben Cremin has an impressive portfolio of shots of what you should do when shooting a wedding, and it is worth checking out examples of this kind of work before you get started.…

Getting Product Photography Right to Sell on Kraftly

5512646905_5c7c658b67_oKraftly is an exciting new marketplace for selling products and gifts, especially those relating to crafts of some description. For those of us who are crafty in nature, it provides an amazing opportunity to make an income selling unique gifts online, but if it doesn’t look good, nobody is going to want to buy from you, and will likely get their products from somewhere else. Your photos are your shop window, here are some tips to get them right.

For most product photos you will need a spotless white backdrop that makes it show as though it is floating with no other items in the product drawing attention away. For a background, you can buy a screen or even simply get a vast A2 white sheet of paper from the store or online, ensure it is curved for best results, folds will show on the photos.

Regardless of the fact that you have a white background, it’s conceivable that light from an adjacent colored wall or something else in the room could be reflected onto your thing. Consequently, it’s best to be in a totally white room, not easy for all of us.

Utilizing just the light incorporated with your camera (the one that pops out at the top) is likely the most widely seen reason for awful photography, product photography is no different.

We realize that at to start with, item photography can be troublesome and getting it right is tough, but spending the time to perfect it can pay off big style.…

Trends in Event Photography

eventEvery area of photography has changed a lot in recent years, the digital revolution and increase in tech has been both a blessing and a curse for the industry.

The popularity of smart phones, and before that cameraphones meant that any occasion can be caught from numerous points by a large number of picture takers. Yet, they are most likely not pros, and the photographs may not be the best. That said, sometimes smartphones can be used to good effect in event photography depending on how it is used.

A few inventive application users have now taken this potential and made it simple to sort out photos taken at an event with hash tags and more. You can get your friends to capture their photos and collect them via an app or even just by using a collective hashtag. Use basic hash labels on Twitter or Instagram to deal with the photographs taken after the occasion. Frequently the coordinators of events will encourage the thought of taking pictures to visitors by educating them with signs, putting data on screens, or just making the hashtag they should use be known.

Having a professional photographer has so many benefits for events, if you are working in Washington DC search for a reputable company by looking for Event Photography Washington DC – these guys have an amazing portfolio.

Instant Printing – this isn’t that new, polaroid cameras are something we’re all used to, but these types of technologies have changed. Now, instant printers can be connected via bluetooth and is an awesome way of instantly having a print out to take home. If your event has a celebrity to take a photo with for instance, instantly having a printout of you with a sports star or model is pretty cool, and is another trend I’m seeing pop up more and more.

Photo Booths – another thing that is all the rage for all kinds of events, whether it is a wedding or just a get-together, many hosts of events have turned to photobooths. These can be decorated with props which are amazing fun, and in the modern age of social networks and 4G, they can be shared and tagged instantly, great for the people having their photos taken but also good for the photographer and for the event as it will raise its profile and promote the event on facebook, twitter and more …