Benefits of an IPS Monitor

monitor-41232_640Monitor technology just like any other tech seems to be changing all the time. We have had the standard LCD or liquid crystal display monitors since the 80s now and the technology is improving but generally is the same concepts, IPS monitors are different and more and more people have started to use the IPS technology, but what are the benefits of it and why is it becoming more and more popular?

There are a few different main benefits. As a photography blog we are looking of course at things like the display quality and colors, but there are other things to take into account, IPS monitors can be used for a lot of things now and more and more people have started using monitors to watch movies, play games and more.

The benefits of the IPS are:

  • They have wider viewing angles which can be helpful for editing things like photo and video.
  • Great colors showing a lot of accuracy in the photos and make sure you’re editing to a good standard and that what you see is true to the actual image.
  • Not overly expensive, especially considering how much better they can be than other monitors.
  • Many have reported low pressure in the eyes and that it is easier to view for long stretches of time.

If you’re really serious about monitors, these are definitely an option you should consider, and are not just great for media uses and pro uses but will be easy on the eyes in terms of watching your favorite shows too!

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