Benefits of a Good Photographers Workflow

dslrPhotography isn’t as simple as picking up a camera and hitting shoot, even if some amateur wannabes seem to think it is! If you’re new to the world of photography or are aspiring to become a pro, then you might be starting to look at your workflow and whether there is anything you can do to stay organized. My tips below should help you to stay productive and get the most out of your shoots as well as keeping safe from losing photos due to silly reasons!

A standard photographers workflow will include the setup, capture, backup and editing of your images, as well as delivery. The tips below relate to those areas:

  • Keep things written out, whether they’re equipment lists, disc drives which will store your images, keeping written notes in a notebook or even having printouts can really help keep things clear.
  • Keep your computer organized. This can be really tough, especially if you have a lot happening on a day to day basis, but keeping your storage, backup and more organized, and have a proper naming system (for example, date, initials of client and location) will help ensure you never lose those all important images. It has the added benefit of keeping your computer running well.
  • Always keep a note of where you have backed up images, which hard drives they are on and if you have stored them elsewhere such as DVDs.

The above tips will see you well on the way to having a professional look to your photoshoots and photography business.

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