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Things to Take Macro Photographs Of

cat-1535160_1920We’re looking today at the things you can use in order to get started with macro photography. Macro is one of the most interesting ways to get an interesting effect and add something new to your flickr or instagram feed! It can be tough to think of things to take photographs of, so we’ve put together a list of things so that you can appreciate the little things, both literally and figuratively speaking!

Bugs – most of us have access to bugs and a quick look outside will quickly reveal some. They may not be the prettiest of things (depending on which bug) but they can create a striking image when taken super close up.

Plants and Flowers – probably one of the most interesting things to take photos of, you can see patterns and details in macro that you couldn’t dream of seeing on other styles of photography.

Mechanics and Electronics – of course, stay safe with this, but anything mechanical or electronic can look very cool with extreme close up photos which are then blown up, a part of a car or tyre for instance can show interesting patterns and textures.

Eyes – some of the most striking macro photos are of eyes, if you have a willing volunteer you can create some amazing pictures, the volunteer doesn’t have to be human either as you can get some amazing results from your pets depending which animals you have.

Macro photography is a great skill to learn and is worth experimenting with, so how better to explore than the above projects!…

Gifting a DSLR for Christmas!

dslrChristmas is a wonderful time for photography, the rich textures and colors in the cities and in the countryside, especially if you live in an area with snow and foliage, plus of course it is a time when people get together. As well as being a top time for taking pictures, it can be a great time for photographers too as photography equipment makes an amazing and lasting gift for the creatives in your life, and items you may not splash out on throughout the year may be given as gifts.

With so many DSLR options on the market, it is important that you try and find the best option to give as a gift. Spending the most you can afford doesn’t automatically guarantee the best, and reading DSLR Camera Reviews for christmas can be very helpful to ensure you’ve got the best. Try to find out if the person you’re buying for has a preference as to brand, as some accessories can’t be used across different brands.

If you’re buying somebody their first DSLR, keeping it relatively simple might be a good option, the more lenses and accessories you buy may be better, but by the same token it can make things really confusing, especially if someone is just starting to learn how to take pictures. A look at what other people have said on reviews will show you how easy it is to pick up and use, and you can even test some models in stores.

There are some good options available on a budget now too, and you don’t have to spend the earth to get a great DSLR camera to give to a loved one this christmas.…

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Photography

mitzvahA Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a huge part of growing up, and something to be enjoyed just once. With anything that occurs just once, the photography is utterly vital. If you are hiring a Mitzvah photographer, you’re going to have to make sure you get the right one, and be sure that they are experienced and excel at taking photographs in this sort of setting. Many photographers specialize in the area and are great at capturing a special day.

There is normally a party, and lets face it that adds a great deal of pressure, but also loads of opportunities to get great shots of loved ones, and atmospheric photographs. A good photographer should be able to get photos both of the meal and party, and of any ceremony or certificates that are issued.

Different people celebrate this in different ways and family traditions and more come into play when it comes to a Bar Mitzvah or of course a Bat Mitzvah. It is important that a meeting should take place beforehand to work out exactly what the goal is for the photos, and that way any specific shots which are needed can be discussed and worked out beforehand, perhaps it is really important to get a big family shot, perhaps it is more important to those celebrating that lots of atmospheric shots of the day, the decorations and the party take place.

Some parties may even be aided by the addition of things such as props and photo booths, and depending on the family this might be something you want to introduce. Again, it is worth having the discussion as some families may not want to go this route, and opt for a more low-key or classy approach to their photographs.

Finding the right photographer for your event can be tough. A look at Bar-Bat Mitzvah Photographers Washington DC is not only a great option if you’re in or near America’s capital, but is also a great example of a portfolio which has portrait shots, atmospheric or candid shots, and lots of great images of parties and more. A photographer that has specialized in this area will know exactly what you’re looking for, and is familiar with the day and the way it tends to work, meaning they can plan and get the best results.

For the photographer, the usual shoot rules apply, it is important to ensure …

Connecting with Freelance Photographers

photographer-390527_640There are so many projects that require a photographer these days, and the fact is, with DSLRs more readily available than ever, there are more photographers on the market than ever. However, they’re not all of the same quality, and someone with years of experience may be harder to find among all the teenagers who got a DSLR last birthday and have set up a website! It is more important than ever to find freelance photographers who know what they’re doing. Fortunately, there are platforms available to source your photography. Freelance Photography is a great way to find someone with feedback, who you know will suit your own project and has a track record, whether you’re looking for a portrait or architectural photography.

The site also acts as a great way to find freelance photography jobs online, where photographers can make themselves available for the projects people are looking to find somebody to fill.

This is almost an ‘interview’ system, a way to best match the freelance photographer to the project, and it can even help the photographers themselves to specialize and earn their stripes in a certain form of photography. You can feel a lot more confident having done a bit of research and seen photography portfolios and ‘bids’ for your work to narrow it down, much better than sticking a pin in an advert or choosing a website at random! You can even find a videographer or a real specialist for tougher to fill vacancies for freelancers. Doing a bit of research can pay off in the long run.…